Outdoor Plant Wall Decor Myths Debunked

Outdoor Plant Wall Decor

Nature has a way of freeing us and energizing us. Whether it’s the mesmerizing smell of blooming flowers, or the sweet sound of birds singing, being outdoors always leaves us feeling refreshed and inspired! So why not make our outdoor spaces even more delightful? You’ll be glad to know that there are countless ways to upgrade your home’s outdoor area with style and flair.

In recent years, outdoor plant wall decor has become a highly desirable trend. However, some misconceptions have misguided people’s expectations of this stunning way to infuse nature into your backyard or balcony area. Let us clarify the most common myths about outdoor plant wall decor and help you create an amazing outdoor space!

Myth 1: Outdoor Plant Wall Decor is Only for Large Spaces

Outdoor Plants wall decore

Despite popular belief, an outdoor plant wall isn’t just for expansive patios and massive gardens; small balconies and compact gardens can also reap the benefits of this modern trend! All you need is some creativity and thoughtfulness to transform your outdoor area into an urban oasis.

You don’t need a huge area to showcase style and greenery. A few well-placed plants on a wall can bring the perfect hint of charm and elegance to any outdoor space!

Myth 2: Outdoor Plant Wall Decor Damages Walls

Outdoor Plant Wall Decor Damages Walls

While people are often hesitant to install outdoor plant wall decor due to the risk of water damage or mold growth on walls, rest assured that this is not always the case. By selecting lightweight plants and ensuring proper watering techniques, you can have stunningly beautiful outdoor walls without risking any damage.

Don’t let worries of wall damage dishearten you! There are numerous solutions that will ensure your walls stay in pristine condition while adding a touch of green. Look for lightweight materials, as well as self-watering systems to prevent any excess water droplets from staining your walls.

Moreover, many outdoor plant wall decor options come with a detachable design, which means you can easily remove them without leaving any damage to your walls.

Myth 3: Outdoor Plant Wall Decor Requires High Maintenance

Wall Decor Requires High Maintenance

When it comes to outdoor plant walls, people often assume that tending to them is incredibly time-consuming. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! You can find a variety of low-maintenance options that make installing plants into your outdoor area, simple and effortless.

Succulents are the perfect choice for creating an outdoor wall of plants. Not only do they require very little water and maintenance, but their vibrant colors and unique shapes make it easy to construct a captivating display with minimal effort. Even those who don’t have much time on their hands can enjoy these resilient plants that tolerate drought conditions gracefully – making them an ideal option for busy individuals seeking a touch of nature in their environment!

Myth 4: Outdoor Plant Wall Decor is Expensive

Wall Decor is Expensive

People think that creating an outdoor plant wall requires too much of an investment. Again, not true! Outdoor plant wall decor is actually quite accessible and budget-friendly – you’d be surprised at how little it takes to create something truly beautiful.

If you’re looking to add a unique, charming touch of nature to your outdoor space without breaking the bank, you can go with moss walls. They are cost-effective as well as easy to grow and maintain – yet still provide an exquisite beauty that will take any outdoor area up a notch!

Myth 5: Outdoor Plant Wall Decor is Only For Warm Climates

Only For Warm Climates

Don’t be fooled by the fact that outdoor plant walls are only ideal for warm climates – they can thrive in colder temperatures, too! Relieved? It’s true! You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics just because of your climate.

Whether you live in a warm climate or somewhere chillier, there’s plenty of outdoor plant wall decor to choose from that will make your home stand out! Ivy and ferns are two hardy plants suitable for colder climates; they create a lush green wall with breathtaking vibrancy all season long.

Myth 6: Outdoor Plant Wall Decor is Only For Aesthetic Purposes

Only For Aesthetic Purposes

Outdoor plant wall decor does more than just make your space look pleasing. The truth is that it has many other benefits and meaningful applications beyond its aesthetic value!

Apart from enhancing the aesthetic of your outdoor area, plant wall decor offers numerous advantages. Such as purifying air by eliminating toxins and pollutants; they are also known to reduce stress levels while uplifting one’s mood—truly a perfect addition for any exterior space!

6 Best Outdoor Wall Plant Decor Ideas

1. Clay pot wall garden: Add a rustic touch to your outdoor space

Transform your outdoor space with a unique, rustic clay pot wall garden! This creative decor is created by stacking and securing various sizes of clay pots to the wall. For an eye-catching design, try arranging them in different patterns or using contrasting sized pots. It’s sure to add a special touch that you’ll love for years to come.

Clay pot wall garden

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance wall garden, succulents or herbs are ideal choices as they require minimal watering and care. These hardy plants can thrive even in the small confines of a clay pot – so if you want to liven up your living space while avoiding an extensive gardening routine, look no further!

Tip: To maintain your clay pot wall garden in the most optimal condition, make sure to water and prune your plants regularly. Additionally, use a premium-grade potting soil as well as fertilizers for maximum results!

How to make it:

To begin, select a wall that can bear the weight of your clay pots and pick out various sizes. Once you have your selection, arrange them in an aesthetically-pleasing design with screws or brackets affixed to hold them firmly in place.

When constructing your clay pot wall garden, think of selecting succulents, herbs or petite flowers that require minimal amounts of water and maintenance.

2. Flowering vine wall trellis: Bring beauty outdoors

A flowery wall trellis is a living masterpiece in the making. With carefully selected plants and mindful tending, you can craft an amazing combo of color, texture, and aroma to enliven every outdoor area.

Visualize the soft petals of a pink climbing rose cascading down your trellis, or the glorious purple blooms of a clematis meandering up and around your lattice. Not only do these plants bring beauty to your outdoor walls, but even help cultivate healthy ecosystems by luring in pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Flowering vine wall trellis

Wondering what compliments a flowering trellis? Morning glory, passionflower and wisteria are popular choices for their extraordinary blossoms that enable them to climb effortlessly. These plants make the perfect additions to any wall trellis.

Tip: For a magnificent flowering vine wall trellis, make sure to select one that is sturdy and provides ample room for the plants to flourish. By regularly providing your vines with water and fertilizer while pruning them as needed, you will ensure they thrive in their new home!

How to make it: 

If you want to add a beautiful flowering vine wall trellis to your garden, start by selecting an ideal location that has plenty of sunshine and a secure wall or fence for the frame. Next, pick the flowers and plants that suit best with your desired design – ensuring there’s enough space for them to thrive!

Secure the trellis to your wall or fence with screws and brackets, making sure it is level. Then, plant vines or climbing plants at its base. As they grow up and around the trellis over time, be sure to guide them so that they form a neat pattern of growth on its structure.

3. Repurposed shutter wall planter: Upcycle old shutters into a stunning vertical garden

For those who love giving new life to old items, the Repurposed Shutter Wall Planter is a great way to add some sustainable greenery and creativity to your outdoor space. With its unique design, this wall planter creates an eye-catching vertical garden that can be tailored perfectly for any sort of style you have in mind.

Shutter wall planter

For an alluring shutter wall planter, consider combining a mix of trailing and upright plants such as petunias, ferns and succulents. These plants can bring a range of colors and textures to your vertical garden for added pizzazz. Additionally, you can arrange them in various patterns that are sure to captivate people with stunning visual appeal!

The beautiful repurposed shutter wall planter can be tailored to fit any outdoor decor, either through painting or leaving it natural. Furthermore, its design makes it an ideal choice for those with limited space since you simply need to mount the planter onto a wall without taking up much of your floor area.

For warm climates:

  • Bougainvillea is a heat-loving flowering plant that flourishes in warm weather
  • Aloe vera is an undemanding succulent which can survive the hottest of conditions with minimal water.
  • Bird of paradise has bold and vivid blooms that will not disappoint!
  • Hibiscus loves plenty of sun as well as warmth so it’s perfect for those wanting bright colored flowers without too much effort;
  • Lantana thrives in hot and humid climates yet requires little care – produces clusters of beautiful blossoms.

For cold climates:

  • The Climbing Hydrangea is a hardy vine that thrives in cold temperatures and graces us with beautiful white blooms during summertime.
  • Hellebores, on the other hand, are perennial plants that blossom into delicate pink, purple and white flowers even after surviving frigid winters.
  • Hostas can be found to enjoy cooler climates while displaying lush green and blue leaves.
  • Virginia creeper will quickly climb up walls thanks to its resilience against the cold – providing gorgeous red foliage come Fall time!
  • Snowdrops display heartwarming delicate whites throughout early spring despite snow or frost conditions.

With these plant suggestions, you can craft picturesque and thriving outdoor plant wall decor, no matter the climate of your area.

How to make it:

Create your own repurposed shutter wall planter for an eco-friendly vertical garden. Start by collecting good-conditioned shutters, then attach small pots to the shutters using screws or zip ties. Afterwards, fill the pots with potting soil and plant whatever you desire – flowers, herbs or succulents! Lastly, hang it on your outdoor wall and admire its beauty from afar.

4. Woven wall planters: Add a touch of boho chic to your outdoor space

Bored of the same dull outdoor decor? Why not add a touch of bohemian charm to your garden with woven wall planters! Not only are these unique pieces functional and eye-catching, but they also bring texture and interest to any outdoor wall.

Woven wall planters

Ferns, ivy and spider plants are ideal options as they thrive in shallow soil while also creating a spectacular waterfall effect. All of these cascading down the sides add an incredible visual element that you can admire!

How to make it:

Create your very own woven wall planter with a few simple steps! Start by grabbing the necessary elements, like a basket crafted from natural fibers, plastic liner to go inside of it, soil for planting, and whatever plants you desire. Place the plastic liner in the bottom of your basket and fill it up with dirt before placing in your chosen greens. Now, hang this stylish addition on an outdoor wall using reliable hooks or nails.

5. Vertical vegetable garden wall: Grow your own fresh produce with style

If frequent trips to the store for fresh produce have been leaving you exhausted, and growing your own vegetables seems impossible due to a lack of space, then a vertical vegetable garden wall could be just what you need!

When you are short on space or want to add an eye-catching and practical feature to your outdoor living area, then a vertical vegetable garden wall is the perfect solution! It’s a wall-mounted design that lets you cultivate vegetables vertically, making it easy for you to maximize every inch of growing area.

Vertical vegetable garden wall

When selecting plants for your vertical vegetable garden, pick vegetables that are compatible with the climate and environmental conditions in which you reside. Popular options include tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers and herbs like basil or mint.

Combining art and utility, a vertical vegetable garden wall adds an astonishing beauty to your outdoor area while also offering fresh, organic produce. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but incredibly practical – it’s the perfect way to make use of any unused space you may have!

How to make it:

Select a sunny spot to hang your wall and build the frame using wooden or metal materials. Once done, install pockets or containers on the frame that you can fill with an excellent potting mix and your preferred plants. And, you’re good to go!

6. Outdoor resin wall plant decor: The unbreakable beauty for your garden

Looking to create a captivating living wall that can bravely stand up against the harshest of weather? Opt for an outdoor resin wall plant decor and let your space bloom with beauty!

Resin planters are virtually indestructible, protecting your precious plants from football and frisbee shots. With these unbreakable beauties in place, you’ll be free to relax and appreciate the serenity of your outdoor space.

Outdoor resin wall plant decor

Not only is it durable, but outdoor resin plant decor also comes in a wide range of styles and colors to match your preference. If you’re looking for something classic, terra cotta might be the way to go; or if modern designs are more up your alley, then geometric shapes could do the trick!

The possibilities are boundless when it comes to choosing plants for your vertical garden! Vines, succulents, herbs, you can pick whatever suits your fancy. However, just be sure that the plant you select will grow well in both the conditions of your climate and in a limited space.

How to make it:

Invest in a range of outdoor resin planters, plus a robust mounting system and potting soil. Then pick the perfect spot with ample sunlight and water your plants faithfully to ensure they thrive!

Begin by affixing the planters to your wall with a secure mounting system. For even easier maintenance, consider installing an efficient drip irrigation system!

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