Scuffle Loop Hula Action Hoe Weeding Gardening Hand Tools

The Heavy Duty 4 Tine hand cultivator garden tool is designed for digging down and extracting entire roots for weeding overgrown flower beds, tackling hard desert dirt weed removal, ditching, seeding vegetables, even in compacted ground.

Featuring a Stirrup hoe carbon steel blade head with a sharp end, this garden hoe makes it easier to either scrape the top layer of dirt to cut weeds or get the tool under the surface of the soil to rip them out.

The thickened 1 1/7” diameter stainless steel handle is sturdy, lightweight, and very convenient for regular yard duties in the garden without snapping.

The long handle is adjustable to be 32 to 62 inches, making it convenient for use while standing or sitting down. These gardening tools are handy to keep by the backdoor.

Assembly of the weeder takes just 5 minutes by screwing poles together, and no extra tools are required. We provide a 2-year warranty for the weed grass remover tool, so feel free to message us anytime.

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