Sheraz Ali (Green thumb Superstar)

Meet Shahraz, the plant fanatic who can often be found tending to his garden or fussing over his precious greenhouse. With a green thumb that's the envy of his neighborhood, Shahraz's garden is bursting with an eclectic mix of flora. One of his favorite plants is the Venus flytrap, which he affectionately refers to as his "pet" due to its carnivorous tendencies. In fact, he once caught his neighbor's cat snooping around his garden and threatened to set the Venus flytrap loose on it! (Don't worry, he was only joking.) But don't be fooled, Shahraz's garden is not only home to the quirky and peculiar. He also houses an incredible selection of succulents and cacti that he fondly refers to as his "spiky babies." Whether you need some fresh herbs for cooking or just looking for a place to relax, come visit Shahraz's garden - it has everything from basil to oregano all the way up to thyme! With his encyclopedic knowledge of plants and his contagious passion for gardening, he's one of the best authors on Give his articles a read to grasp on the amazing tips, tricks and advice you'll ever need to create a lush and vibrant garden of your own!

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