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Our gardening blog warmly welcomes contributions from green-thumbed enthusiasts, seasoned botanists, and anyone with a passion for plants and gardening. We’re committed to providing our readers with insightful and engaging content that helps them cultivate thriving gardens and connect with nature.

What sort of content do we publish?

At our gardening blog, we’re interested in a wide range of topics related to gardening, from practical tips and advice to personal stories and reflections. Whether you’re sharing your favorite gardening hacks, profiling unique plant species, or documenting your gardening journey, we invite you to contribute your expertise and insights to our platform.

What do we absolutely not publish?

We do not accept content generated by automated processes or AI. All submissions must be human-written and original. Additionally, we refrain from publishing content that promotes harmful practices or misinformation about gardening and plant care.

How do I submit to the gardening blog?

To submit your work to our gardening blog, please send an email to zahid.adnan@theplantbible.com, outlining your content idea. Introduce yourself and share why you’re passionate about gardening. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or new to the scene, we welcome contributions from all backgrounds. Feel free to include any relevant links to previous work or writing samples.

Do we compensate contributors?

Yes, we offer compensation for published contributions. Our rates are competitive and based on the quality and length of the content. Payment details will be discussed upon acceptance of your submission.

What makes a good submission?

A good submission to our gardening blog is one that is informative, well-researched, and engaging. We’re looking for content that offers practical insights, useful tips, or inspiring stories to our readers. Your submission should showcase your love for gardening and your ability to communicate gardening-related topics effectively.

What does our editing process look like?

Once your submission is accepted, it will undergo a thorough editing process to ensure clarity, accuracy, and coherence. Our team of editors will work closely with you to refine your piece and prepare it for publication. We welcome feedback and collaboration throughout the editing process to ensure that your voice and message shine through.

We’re excited to read your submissions and share your passion for gardening with our readers!

Warm regards,

Editorial Team – The Plant Bible

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