Summer Graham (Ecologist, Arborist)

I am an enthusiast of both indoor and outdoor plants, with a passion for locally native species. In my house, I care for a variety of species with between 1 and 4 plants in each and every room! In my garden, I sow, plant, and tend for species native to where I live, with the aim of supporting biodiversity and providing food and shelter for wildlife. I am passionate about the opportunity for individual gardeners to transform their urban space, be it a balcony, a yard, or a boulevard, into diverse areas supporting native species including pollinators. This passion is reflected in my career as a consulting ecologist, where my primary role is the survey of natural spaces for significant and sensitive plant species. My favorite plant: Inside - my Oxalis triangularis. Outside - wild bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) Do I have a garden at home? Yes! I recently moved but brought many of my plants with me, and am excited to set up my garden as soon as possible this spring. My qualifications: I have a BSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, and am an ISA-certified arborist. I work as a consulting ecologist focusing on terrestrial vegetation communities and plant identification

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