Standing Ovation: Marvelous Modern Plant Stands For All Styles

Modern Plant Stands

Gone are the days of grandma’s wicker plant stands, dark carved mahogany, and heavy wrought iron. Modern plant stands are all about clean lines, minimalist designs, and light colors. Once you’ve found the perfect pot for your Snake Plant or Aloe Vera, a plant stand is a great way to showcase it.  

With a variety of styles and materials to choose from, finding the perfect modern plant stand for your space can be intimidating. In this guide, we will explore some of the most popular modern plant stands for indoor spaces and how to include them in your home to best complement your style. 

1. Mid-century Modern Plant Stand

Mid-century Modern Plant Stand

Mid-century modern (or MCM for short) refers to a style that emerged in the 1940s-60s which is often characterized by clean lines, minimal ornamentation or designs, and organic forms. MCM furniture also makes use of natural materials like wood, stone, and metal, and strives for functional practicality. 

The classic MCM-style plant stand shown above has become widely popular over the last few years. This simple, four-legged stand adds just a little “something” to a plain potted plant, without looking too busy or cluttered. This stand style is also super functional, as you can flip it over to make the stand taller or shorter as needed, and the cross-style supports mean you can perch a variety of pot sizes on top, as long as they fit between the legs. 

2. Modern Tiered Plant Stand

Modern Tiered Plant Stand

If you are looking for something to hold multiple plants, not just one or two, try a modern multi-tier plant stand like this one! Opting for the slightly more sturdy metal frame rather than just wood, this minimalist stand makes use of empty space between the bars to avoid looking cluttered and easily blends into the background of any room. Paired with wooden shelves for an organic touch, this modern plant stand is the perfect way to show off all your plants within a relatively small space and still let them shine! 

3. Modern Wood Plant Stand

Modern Wood Plant Stand

If MCM isn’t for you and a tiered plant stand is too big for your space, consider taking a minimalist approach and opting for a functional wooden stand instead. Remember to look for clean lines as well as practicality. A simple wooden stool, side table, or short bench is perfect for this since when it isn’t in use as a plant stand it can still be used for something! Try to opt for lighter-colored wood without dark or orange-tinted stains, as this will keep your space looking bright, clean, and modern. You should also avoid anything with too many carvings or designs, as these can quickly go out of style and make your space look dated. 

4. Modern Tall Plant Stand

Modern Tall Plant Stand

If you are looking for a tall plant stand that can hold lots of plants, a ladder-style stand is a great choice! Again, stick to a lighter-colored wood like maple, pine, or birch to keep your stand from making your space too dark, especially when it is bigger in size. Add functionality to this stand by making the shelves removable, so you can add them in as needed and avoid making the space look too cluttered. This stand is particularly good for in front of a large bay window to help your plants get plenty of light from all sides, while still allowing visibility through gaps in the shelving. 

5. Wire Plant Stand

Wire Plant Stand

Last up is a sleek modern wire plant stand like the one above. The key here is to look for straight or only slightly bent lines, avoiding ornate curves and curls that are typical in older styles. Hairpin wire legs are another example of a modern style that will look clean and timeless in any home. Some popular, modern color options for wire stands include black legs with a natural wood top, gold wire paired with a white pot, and the classic combination of black and white. The great thing about simple wire stands is that you can constantly change up your look if you get bored of the same thing, by adding a quick coat of spray paint in whatever color you like!  

Final Tips For Standing Out 

No matter what your style is, a clean, classic, and modern plant stand is a great choice. When picking a stand, consider the size, shape, and weight of the plant you plan to use it for, as well as how tall or top-heavy your plant might get as it grows! Choosing a plant stand that is functional and practical, like a stool or side table, helps to minimize clutter in your home and saves you space. Finally, choosing natural, high-quality materials like wood, metal, and stone will ensure your plant stand lasts for years to come. 

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