Finding the Best Lawn Mower for Bermuda Grass in 2024

best lawn mower for bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is one of a kind – known for being top-notch with its soft and lush green appearance, like a perfect carpet. Walking on it felt so nice and ticklish. But then, I ran into a problem and needed to find the best lawn mower specifically made for Bermuda grass.

With my heart racing and excitement building, I dug into the details, comparing the features and specifications of each contender. I was after a mower that would delicately caress the blades of Bermuda grass, gliding effortlessly over its velvety surface. It had to possess the finesse of an artist’s brush, delicately shaping each blade without causing any harm.

Precision was paramount. I craved a mower that would trim the grass to perfection, creating clean and crisp edges that would make any landscaper’s jaw drop in awe. The thought of achieving a flawless lawn, where each blade stood proudly in unison, sent shivers of anticipation down my spine.

As I weighed my options, I envisioned the moments of satisfaction and pride that awaited me. The gentle hum of the mower would harmonize with the rustling of the grass, creating a symphony of nature’s beauty. I imagined the soft touch of the grass under my bare feet, the sensation so delightful that it would be akin to a ticklish dance with the blades.

Finally, after hours of contemplation, I made my decision. I selected the mower that embodied perfection, the embodiment of artistry in lawn care. With each stroke of its blades, it promised to sculpt my Bermuda grass into a masterpiece, an envy-inducing tapestry of green.

I’ll be sharing some of the best lawn mowers for bermuda grass, so keep reading.

3 Best Lawn Mowers for Bermuda Grass

  1. EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower
  2. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14″ 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower, Black
  3. LawnMaster CLMFR6020A 0802 Cordless 21-Inch Brushless Push Lawn Mower

1. EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower (2) 4.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Included,Black

The EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower is not your average bermuda grass cutting mower. It’s a beast disguised as a sleek, black machine. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical at first. How could a cordless mower tackle the aggressive turf of bermuda grass? But boy, was I in for a surprise!


Let’s start with the features that make this mower the best lawn mower for bermuda grass. First off, it’s powered by not one, but two 4.0Ah ARC Lithium batteries. These bad boys give you up to 65 minutes of pure cutting power on a single charge. Say goodbye to the hassle of gas-powered mowers and hello to a quieter, fume-free mowing experience.

The variable speed self-propel feature is a game-changer. With a range from 1.3 to 3.1 MPH, you can cruise through your lawn with ease. And let me tell you, this baby handles bermuda grass like a champ. No more struggling to push a heavy mower uphill or through thick patches of grass. The self-propel feature does all the hard work for you.

Adjusting the cutting height is a breeze with the six-position cutting height adjustments. Ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches, you have full control over how you want your bermuda grass to look. And the best part? You can do it with just one hand. No need to stop and fumble around with complicated settings.

Now, let’s talk about the 3-in-1 function. Mulching, bagging, or side discharge – you name it, this mower can do it. The mulching capability is top-notch, leaving no piles of residue behind. The two-bushel grass collection bag is easily accessible, making disposal a breeze. And if you prefer side discharge, this mower has got you covered.

Did I mention the bright LED headlights? Mowing at dawn or dusk has never been easier or more thrilling. It’s like having your own personal spotlight, illuminating your path and making you feel like a lawn mowing superhero. And when you’re done, this mower folds flat for compact storage. It’s a space-saving marvel.

My Experience:

Let me paint a picture for you. I’m standing in my backyard, staring down the wild, untamed bermuda grass. Armed with the EGO Power+ mower, I press the quick and easy push-button start. The motor purrs to life, and I’m ready to take on the challenge.

The self-propelled feature kicks in, and I effortlessly guide the mower through the jungle of bermuda grass. The adjustable speed allows me to tackle both the thick patches and the open spaces with precision. It’s like the mower has a mind of its own, adapting to the terrain and effortlessly gliding across my lawn.

As I mow, I can’t help but notice the impeccable cutting performance. The blades slice through the bermuda grass with ease, leaving behind a manicured carpet. This mower doesn’t just cut grass; it tames it. And let me tell you, my lawn has never looked better. The bermuda grass is no match for the power of this machine.

Battery life is not an issue with this mower. One battery easily handles my entire quarter-acre lot, and when it’s time to recharge, the process is quick and painless. No more waiting around for hours while the battery slowly comes back to life. I’m back to mowing in no time, thanks to the rapid charger included with the mower.


Now, no product is perfect, and the EGO Power+ mower is no exception. One drawback I’ve noticed is that the mower can be a bit heavy, especially when both batteries are installed. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means, but it can be a bit cumbersome to maneuver for some individuals.

Another minor issue is the width of the mower. At 21 inches, it’s not the widest on the market. While it handles bermuda grass exceptionally well, it may take a few more passes to cover larger areas compared to wider mowers. But hey, a few extra laps around the lawn never hurt anyone, right?


  • Powerful cutting performance on bermuda grass.
  • Long battery life and quick recharge.
  • Easy-adjust cutting height and self-propel speed.
  • Versatile 3-in-1 function: mulching, bagging, and side discharge.
  • Bright LED headlights for mowing in low-light conditions.
  • Folds flat for compact storage.


  • Can be heavy to maneuver, especially with both batteries installed.
  • 21-inch cutting width may require additional passes for larger areas.

My Opinion:

I believe the EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower is a force to be reckoned with. It’s the perfect bermuda lawn mower, combining power, versatility, and ease of use into one sleek package.

If you’re tired of the noise, fuss, and fumes of gas-powered mowers, this cordless wonder will be your new best friend. It effortlessly tackles bermuda grass, leaving behind a pristine lawn. The long battery life and quick recharge ensure that your mowing sessions won’t be interrupted, and the adjustable cutting height and self-propel speed make customization a breeze.

2. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14″ 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower, Black

The secrets of a perfectly manicured lawn can be an adventure, especially when it comes to taming the wild Bermuda grass. I was looking at some real thick bermuda grass that a conventional mower couldn’t handle. Fortunately, thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I bought this warm-season grass cutter called American Lawn Mower. Here’s what I think:


The moment I switched on the American Lawn Mower Company 50514, I could feel the raw power surging through its 11-Amp motor. It’s like having a gas-powered beast in my hands, effortlessly slicing through the thick Bermuda grass. No more struggling or stalling—just pure cutting power.

The ability to adjust the cutting height is a game-changer for me. With a simple flick of the lever, I can customize the grass length from a short 1″ trim to a more generous 2.5″. It’s like having a precision tool that allows me to sculpt my lawn exactly how I want it. Say goodbye to uneven grass patches.

One of the things that impressed me right off the bat was how lightweight and easy to maneuver this mower is. Its slim frame and foldable handles make it a breeze to navigate through tight corners and narrow pathways. Plus, when I’m done mowing, I can fold it up and store it without taking up much space in my shed.

As an electric mower, the American Lawn Mower Company 50514 operates in serene silence. No more ear-splitting noise that disturbs the peace of my neighborhood. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to cut the grass without feeling like I’m starting a war with my eardrums. And let’s not forget the planet-friendly aspect, no harmful emissions!

This mower comes equipped with a 2-in-1 rear discharge and mulching system. It means I have the option to discharge the clippings from the back or mulch them, adding nutrients back into the soil. Plus, the 9-gallon grass bag with a handy grass level indicator makes it easy to see when it needs emptying. No more guessing games or messy cleanup.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness put into the design of this mower. The adjustable handle height allows me to find the perfect position for comfortable mowing, reducing strain on my back. The cushioned grip on the handle adds an extra level of comfort, making those long mowing sessions a breeze.

My Experience:

In the face of my neglected Bermuda grass, my previous gas-powered mower surrendered, leaving me disheartened and frustrated. But then, a glimmer of hope arrived in the form of the American Lawn Mower Company 50514. With trepidation and excitement, I set out to tame the wild grasslands.

To my amazement, the powerful 11-Amp motor tore through the Bermuda grass with ease. No more stalling, no more slowdowns, it plowed through the tangled jungle as if it were a well-groomed putting green. The electric revolution had won me over, and I pledged never to return to the realm of gas mowers.

The adjustable cutting height lever proved to be a game-changer. With precise control at my fingertips, I sculpted the grass to perfection, achieving an envy-inducing uniformity that would make golf course greens keepers weep with joy. The Bermuda grass no longer taunted me; it danced under my command.


As much as I adore this Bermuda grass-cutting warrior, no tale is complete without a few bumps along the way. Here are a couple of minor downsides to consider:

The corded design ensures consistent power, but it does limit your mobility to the reach of an extension cord. This might require some strategic planning to cover larger yards without sacrificing convenience.

While the mulching system works reasonably well, it occasionally struggles with larger clumps of grass. Clearing these clumps required some manual intervention, but it was a small price to pay for the overall performance.


  • Powerful 11-Amp motor tackles Bermuda grass with ease.
  • Adjustable cutting height for a personalized grass-cutting experience.
  • Lightweight and compact frame for easy maneuverability, storage, and transport.
  • Planet-friendly operation without noise or emissions.


  • Corded design limits mobility to the length of an extension cord.

My Opinion:

If you find yourself locked in a battle with Bermuda grass, worry not! Get yourself the American Lawn Mower 50514, and turn your lawn into a masterpiece. I have been fully content with its performance since it makes my job so much easier.

3. LawnMaster CLMFR6020A 0802 Cordless 21-Inch Brushless Push Lawn Mower 60V Max with 4.0Ah Battery & Fast Charger

I recently had the opportunity to test out the LawnMaster CLMFR6020A 0802 Cordless 21-Inch Brushless Push Lawn Mower, and let me tell you, it’s not your ordinary lawn mower but an aggressive turf cutter! Hands down, it’s easily one of the best lawn mower for bermuda grass!


With the 60V MAX* with a 4.0Ah battery, this mower delivers the power of a gas-powered machine without the obnoxious noise, messy fuel, or high maintenance. It’s like having a roaring lion under the hood, but without waking up the entire neighborhood!

A 21-inch high impact rust-resistant deck fearlessly plowing through the thickest Bermuda grass. It’s like a fierce warrior slicing through enemy lines, leaving behind a perfectly manicured battlefield. Trust me, this wide cutting width will make quick work of even the most untamed Bermuda jungles.

Mulching, side discharge, and rear discharge, oh my! This mower is a versatile beast, allowing you to choose your preferred method of grass disposal. Whether you want to give your lawn a nutrient-rich mulch treatment or bid farewell to the clippings with a side or rear discharge, this mower has got you covered.

A one-size-fits-all approach! With the one-touch lever, you can effortlessly adjust the cutting height between 1.4 inches and 3.4 inches. It’s like having a magic wand that transforms your lawn from a perfectly trimmed putting green to a lush meadow fit for a fairytale.

As if the mower itself wasn’t impressive enough, the package also includes a 21-inch 60V cordless lawn mower, a 60V MAX* 4.0Ah battery, and a fast charger. It’s like getting a treasure trove of lawn care essentials, all neatly packed and ready to unleash their power on your Bermuda grass.

My Experience:

From the moment I started mowing, I could feel the power at my fingertips. This mower effortlessly sliced through the thick Bermuda grass as if it were butter. I could almost hear my lawn gasping for breath as the LawnMaster CLMFR6020A cleared the way.

One aspect that impressed me the most was the battery life. While the initial setup drained the battery faster, once it was fully charged, it lasted me through an entire mowing session without a hitch. This meant no annoying interruptions or having to scramble to find an outlet in the middle of my mowing frenzy.

Moreover, the cordless design allowed me to maneuver around my yard with ease. No more tripping over cords or worrying about reaching the far corners of my lawn. The freedom of movement was liberating, and I found myself dancing with the mower, effortlessly gliding through my Bermuda grass oasis.


One downside I noticed was that the battery life could be better, especially when tackling dense patches of Bermuda grass. While it didn’t leave me stranded mid-mow, it did require a bit of planning to ensure I finished the job before the battery ran out. However, considering the power and performance of this mower, it’s a minor inconvenience that I was willing to overlook.

Another drawback I experienced was the weight of the mower. Although it is relatively lightweight compared to gas-powered alternatives, it did require some effort to push it through the thick Bermuda grass. A little extra muscle power was needed, but hey, it’s a small price to pay for the results it delivers.


  • Powerful and efficient performance on Bermuda grass.
  • Clean and quiet operation with the 60V MAX* 4.0Ah battery.
  • Versatile 3-in-1 function for mulching, side discharge, and rear discharge.
  • Easy height adjustment with the one-touch lever.
  • Durable and rust-resistant 21-inch cutting deck.
  • Convenient grass collection bag with a 14-gallon capacity.
  • Cordless design for unrestricted movement.


  • Battery life could be improved, especially for dense Bermuda grass areas.

My Opinion:

The LawnMaster CLMFR6020A 0802 Cordless 21-Inch Brushless Push Lawn Mower is a beast when it comes to taming Bermuda grass. Its powerful performance, clean operation, and versatile features make it a top contender for the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass.

In short, this cordless wonder takes you on a wild mowing adventure.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Lawn Mower for Bermuda Grass

Here’s what you need to consider before getting a lawn mower to cut bermuda grass.

Cutting Height Tendency and Adjustment:

Cutting Height Range: Bermuda grass has specific height requirements depending on the season and desired appearance. Look for a lawn mower that offers a wide range of cutting height options to accommodate Bermuda grass, typically ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 inches. This flexibility allows you to adjust the cutting height based on the specific growth characteristics and environmental conditions.

Easy Adjustability: Ensure that the lawn mower features an easy-to-use height adjustment mechanism. Look for models that allow you to change the cutting height without requiring additional tools or complicated processes. Quick and convenient cutting height adjustment enables effortless customization for Bermuda grass maintenance.

Ease of Use and Cutting Width:

Cutting Width: Consider the size of your Bermuda grass lawn when selecting a cutting width. For larger lawns, opt for a lawn mower with a wider cutting deck to minimize mowing time. A wider cutting width efficiently covers a larger area, reducing the number of passes needed. Smaller lawns can be effectively maintained with a narrower cutting width, providing precision and maneuverability.

Maneuverability: Evaluate the lawn mower’s maneuverability features, especially if your Bermuda grass lawn has obstacles such as trees, flower beds, or tight corners. Look for models with swivel wheels or a zero-turn radius, which enhance maneuverability and allow for easy navigation around these obstacles. Improved maneuverability ensures a more efficient and precise mowing experience.

Grass Clipping Management:

Bagging: Opt for a lawn mower that offers bagging capabilities if you prefer a clean-cut appearance and want to collect grass clippings. Bagging is particularly beneficial during Bermuda grass’s peak growing season when clippings can accumulate quickly. Bagging helps maintain a tidy lawn and prevents excessive thatch buildup.

Mulching: Mulching mowers are well-suited for Bermuda grass as they contribute to nutrient recycling. These mowers finely chop grass clippings and redistribute them back onto the lawn. This process enhances soil health and promotes healthy Bermuda grass growth. Choose a mower with effective mulching capabilities to maximize the benefits for your lawn.

Source of Power:

Gas-Powered: Gas-powered lawn mowers are typically preferred for larger Bermuda grass lawns with tougher grass. They provide higher power output, enabling efficient cutting through dense Bermuda grass. Gas-powered mowers offer extended runtime, making them suitable for extended mowing sessions. However, they require regular maintenance, including fueling, oil changes, and periodic tune-ups.

Electric-Powered: Electric-powered lawn mowers are suitable for smaller Bermuda grass lawns. They are available in corded or cordless options. Corded electric mowers provide consistent power but require access to a power outlet. Cordless electric mowers offer greater freedom of movement, eliminating the need for a power cord. However, they may have limited battery life, requiring recharging for extended mowing sessions.

Look for These Features as Well:

Self-Propulsion: For larger Bermuda grass lawns or hilly terrains, consider a self-propelled lawn mower. Self-propelled mowers reduce physical effort by propelling themselves forward, making mowing more manageable and less strenuous.

Adjustable Handle: Look for lawn mowers with adjustable handle heights to ensure ergonomic operation for users of different heights. An adjustable handle reduces strain and discomfort during mowing sessions, promoting a more comfortable experience.

Durability and Warranty: Assess the durability of the lawn mower’s construction, including the quality of materials and components. A sturdy and durable mower is essential for long-term reliability and performance. Additionally, check the warranty provided by the manufacturer to ensure adequate coverage and support.

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