The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizer

best pet safe lawn fertilizer

My love for gardening knows no bounds. I want nothing but the best for my plants which is why I am testing various products in my lawn to see how effective they are. One thing that has always concerned me is the safety of my pets when it comes to using fertilizers on my precious grass.

You see, traditional lawn fertilizers often contain harmful chemicals that can pose a threat to our four-legged friends. The last thing we want is to expose them to potential health risks while simply trying to maintain a beautiful lawn. That’s why the concept of pet safe lawn fertilizers caught my attention, and I couldn’t help but try if it really works..

And so, I began a journey of testing out various pet fertilizers to figure out which is the best pet safe fertilizer out of them.

Long story short, I tested a plethora of fertilizers and found a real gem – Safer Brand 9335SR Lawn Restore Natural Lawn Fertilizer. It turned out to be the best pet safe lawn fertilizer I encountered during my try-outs thanks to its natural composition and effective nutrient blend.

But let’s not draw conclusions just yet, let’s talk about other pet safe lawn fertilizers too. Keep on reading if you wish to know more on this topic and find what is the best pet friendly lawn fertilizer on the market.

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7 Best Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizer Reviews

  1. Safer Brand 9335SR Lawn Restore Natural Lawn Fertilizer: A Pet-Friendly Fertilizer
  2. Greenview Turf Nurture Natural Base Lawn Fertilizer – Best Pet Friendly Lawn Fertilizer
  3. Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer – Best Dog Safe Lawn Fertilizer
  4. Nature’s Lawn & Garden – Lawn Force 5 – Natural Liquid Fertilizer: The Best Pet Friendly Fertilizer
  5. Florasoul Organic Lawn Fertilizer –  Best Lawn Fertilizer for Dogs in Yard
  6. Lawnbox Lawn Luxe 7-0-7 100% Organic Summer Grass Fertilizer – Best for Quick Action
  7. Jonathan Green (10250) Organic Lawn Food – Best for Consistent Summer Feeding

1. Safer Brand 9335SR Lawn Restore Natural Lawn Fertilizer: A Pet-Friendly Fertilizer for a Lush Green Lawn

As a pet owner, I am always conscious of the products I use on my lawn, especially when it comes to fertilizers. With the Safer Brand 9335SR Lawn Restore Natural Lawn Fertilizer, I found a solution that not only revitalizes my lawn but also ensures the safety and well-being of my beloved pets.


The first feature that truly impressed me was its unwavering commitment to pet security. With cats that occasionally venture outside, I needed a fertilizer that wouldn’t pose any harm to them.

The Safer Brand 9335SR proved to be a reliable choice, as it is crafted with a pet-friendly formula. It contains no harmful chemicals that could potentially jeopardize the well-being of my beloved pets. Knowing that my furry companions can freely roam and play on the lawn without any toxic risks is an invaluable peace of mind.

The nutrient-rich formula of the Safer Brand 9335SR is undoubtedly effective for any struggling lawn. Witnessing the transformation firsthand, I marveled at the power of this fertilizer. With its optimal NPK analysis of 9-0-2, it provided my lawn with the perfect balance of essential nutrients. In just a matter of days, the results were astounding. The once yellow spots, remnants of previous fertilizer mishaps, disappeared, and in their place emerged a lush, vibrant green carpet. My lawn was rejuvenated, thanks to the comprehensive blend of nutrients that breathed new life into every blade of grass.

Furthermore, it not only nourishes the plants but also focuses on the health of the soil. By fueling beneficial soil microorganisms, this fertilizer created a thriving ecosystem beneath the surface. The microorganisms worked tirelessly to enhance root systems, improve nutrient absorption, and strengthen the overall resilience of my lawn. It was a testament to the effectiveness of this fertilizer in fostering a sustainable and long-lasting lawn.

Moreover, the Safer Brand 9335SR Lawn Restore stood strong against environmental stresses. Even during challenging weather conditions, this fertilizer proved its mettle. It never burned my lawn or deprived the soil of vital nutrients. It stood tall, ensuring that my lawn could withstand any external pressures and maintain its lush, green appearance.


  • Non-toxic and safe for pets and children
  • Gradual nutrient release for long-term plant health
  • Promotes microorganisms and root systems
  • Resistant to stressful environmental conditions
  • No risk of harmful runoff or environmental pollution


  • Don’t use it while seeding since it has corn gluten which stops weeds (Wait 2 weeks to seed).

Who is it for?

Its ability to nourish both the plants and the soil, along with its stress resistance, makes it a standout choice for any responsible homeowner. Invest in this remarkable fertilizer, and you won’t be sorry!

What do I think of the Safer Brand 9335SR Lawn Restore?

Within just five days of application, it transformed my lawn from dull and patchy to a vibrant sea of green. I was amazed to see all the yellow spots from previous fertilizers disappear, leaving behind a lush and healthy lawn.

I appreciate the gradual release of nutrients, as it ensures long-term plant health without any risk of burning the grass or depriving the soil. The fact that it fuels beneficial soil microorganisms further demonstrates its commitment to holistic lawn care.

Moreover, the eco-friendly nature of this fertilizer is commendable. Knowing that there is no harmful runoff polluting the environment gives me peace of mind when my pets and children play on the lawn immediately after application. So, I highly recommend the Safer Brand 9335SR Lawn Restore Natural Lawn Fertilizer.

2. Greenview Turf Nurture Natural Base Lawn Fertilizer – Best Pet Friendly Lawn Fertilizer

What do I say about the Greenview Fertilizer? It’s just amazing! I remember ordering 2 bags at once when my first bag was finished! I loved it that much!


This fertilizer is rich in natural and organic nutrients, providing my lawn with the nourishment it needs to thrive. The noticeable transformation in my lawn’s health began within just 4-6 weeks of application, and it has been consistently vibrant ever since.

One of the standout features of this fertilizer is its ability to promote increased root growth and vigor. The 15-0-7 NPK formulation, with its 70% slow-release nitrogen, ensures that my lawn receives the necessary nutrients for both immediate invigoration and long-term support. I’ve observed stronger and more resilient grass blades, which have helped my lawn withstand the stresses of drought, heat, and cold.

The safety of my pets is a top priority, and I’m pleased to say that the Greenview Turf Nurture Natural Base Lawn Fertilizer is safe for use around children and pets when applied as directed. I followed the instructions on the bag label meticulously, and it gave me peace of mind knowing that my pets could enjoy the lawn without any harmful effects.

Another aspect that I appreciate about this fertilizer is its versatility. It can be applied during spring, summer, or fall, ensuring that my lawn receives the necessary care throughout the year. However, it’s important to note that applying it when the ground has no chance of freezing is crucial for optimal results.


  • Rich in natural and organic nutrients for a vibrant and healthy lawn
  • Promotes increased root growth and vigor, making the grass more resilient
  • Safe for use around children and pets, providing peace of mind
  • Versatile application in spring, summer, or fall for year-round care


  • Requires careful attention to the freezing conditions for application

Who is it for?

The Greenview Turf Nurture Natural Base Lawn Fertilizer is perfect for pet owners who want to maintain a lush and thriving lawn while ensuring the safety of their beloved animals. It is also suitable for anyone seeking an effective and versatile fertilizer to invigorate their lawn, regardless of the season.

What Do I Think of the Greenview Turf Nurture Natural Base Lawn Fertilizer?

Personally, I Love this fertilizer. Not only has it transformed the appearance of my lawn, but it has also provided a pet-friendly environment for my furry friends. Knowing that I can let them roam freely without worrying about harmful chemicals is a tremendous relief. With its exceptional performance and commitment to safety, this fertilizer has earned my trust and loyalty. I highly recommend it to fellow pet owners and anyone seeking a reliable and effective lawn care solution.

3. Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer – Best Dog Safe Lawn Fertilizer

I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer purchase. After a disappointing experience with a professional lawn service, my lawn was in dire need of help. This product turned things around dramatically. Not only did it revive my struggling lawn, but it also did so without posing any harm to my beloved pets.


The formula, made from Feather Meal, Pasteurized Poultry Manure, and Gypsum, proved to be a winning combination. It provided the necessary nutrients for my wide blade Zoysia grass, promoting lush and vibrant growth. The fertilizer’s 8-0-0 formulation ensured that my lawn received the right balance of nitrogen to keep it healthy without excessive growth.

Let’s talk about its coverage. With a 30-pound bag, I could easily treat up to 5,000 square feet of my lawn. This generous coverage allowed me to effectively nourish my entire yard without the need for multiple bags or constant reapplications.

The most significant advantage of the Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer is its pet-friendly nature. As a responsible pet owner, the safety of my furry friend is always a top priority. This product is completely safe for pets, including dogs, and poses no harm even if they happen to come into contact with the treated areas. It gave me peace of mind, knowing that my new puppy could enjoy the outdoors without the risk of getting sick from harmful chemicals.


  • Organic formulation made from natural ingredients
  • Promotes lush and vibrant lawn growth
  • Generous coverage up to 5,000 square feet
  • Pet-friendly and safe for kids
  • Eliminates the need for multiple chemicals


  • May require multiple applications for optimal results

Who is it for?

The Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer is especially beneficial for those who have dogs and want to ensure their furry companions can freely roam and play without worrying about harmful chemicals.

What do I think of the Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer?

If you’re in search of the best lawn fertilizer for pets, I wholeheartedly recommend the Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer. It will give you a beautiful, dog-safe lawn that you and your pets can enjoy year-round. Say goodbye to chemical-laden alternatives and invest in a product that prioritizes the well-being of your pets while providing outstanding lawn care.

4. Nature’s Lawn & Garden – Lawn Force 5 – Natural Liquid Fertilizer: The Best Pet Friendly Liquid Lawn Fertilizer for a Lush Yard

Gone are the days of dealing with cumbersome granules or powders that require extensive mixing or spreading. With this liquid fertilizer, all you need is a hose-end sprayer and a few simple steps to achieve optimal results.


The formula combines multiple functions to ensure your lawn receives everything it needs to thrive. Not only does it fertilize the grass, providing essential nutrients for healthy growth, but it also dethatch and breaks down grass clippings. This helps prevent the buildup of thatch, which can suffocate the grass and hinder its development. By breaking down the clippings, this fertilizer promotes a cleaner and more attractive lawn appearance.

Aeration is another vital feature offered by Nature’s Lawn & Garden – Lawn Force 5. The liquid penetrates the soil, creating channels that allow for improved air circulation and water absorption. This helps to alleviate compaction, a common problem that restricts root growth and nutrient uptake. By aerating the soil, the fertilizer promotes a healthier root system, leading to stronger, more resilient grass.

Furthermore, this liquid fertilizer adds valuable organic matter to the soil, enhancing its overall quality and fertility. Organic matter improves soil structure, water retention, and nutrient availability, creating an optimal environment for healthy plant growth. It also supports the development of beneficial microorganisms that contribute to soil health and vitality.

Lastly, its ability to promote the growth of beneficial root fungus, or mycorrhizae. This symbiotic relationship between plants and fungi enhances nutrient uptake, increases drought tolerance, and improves overall plant health. By incorporating mycorrhizae into its formula, this fertilizer helps to establish a stronger and more resilient root system, enabling your lawn to better withstand stressors such as heat, drought, and foot traffic.


  • Nourishes and revitalizes all grass types, including Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine.
  • Suitable for both new and established lawns, as well as compacted soil and sod.
  • Can be used in yards of any size, gardens, and even around trees.
  • Natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable, making it safe for pets.
  • Trusted by lawn care professionals for over 15 years.


  • Doesn’t have a good scent

Who is it for?

Gardeners who not only want to keep their pets safe, but get hands on a fertilizer that does 5 tasks alone. The Nature’s Lawn & Garden – Lawn Force 5 – Natural Liquid Fertilizer can fertilize, aerate, dethatch, promote growth and keep the soil in good condition. I see no reason why anyone should not buy it!

What do I think of Nature’s Lawn & Garden – Lawn Force 5 – Natural Liquid Fertilizer?

Its unique liquid form, along with its impressive range of features, makes it a top choice for maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. Say goodbye to dull and lackluster grass, and say hello to a vibrant, pet-friendly yard that will make both you and your furry friends happy.

5. Florasoul Organic Lawn Fertilizer –  Best Lawn Fertilizer for Dogs in Yard

Florasoul Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Wondering which lawn fertilizer is best for dogs? It’s Florasoul. By embracing biocyclic vegan gardening and reducing environmental impact, Florasoul Organic Lawn Fertilizer has surpassed my expectations and earned my trust.


This fertilizer is crafted from plant extracts, offering a comprehensive range of plant compounds such as essential nutrients, amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, and natural plant hormones. These elements work together in what is known as the “entourage effect,” maximizing the fertilizer’s efficacy compared to individual compounds. This makes it the best organic pet safe lawn fertilizer.

Furthermore, its commitment to biocyclic vegan gardening is worth praising. This approach promotes organic farming that is purely plant-based, eliminating any involvement in commercial livestock farming or animal-derived inputs. It emphasizes the importance of biodiversity, healthy soil life, and the cultivation of organic cycles, including systematic humus build-up.

By choosing this fertilizer, I can align my lawn care practices with sustainable and eco-friendly principles.

Environmental consciousness is another key feature of Florasoul Organic Lawn Fertilizer. Unlike many fertilizers that contribute to water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, this product minimizes the negative impact on the environment. Most of the applied nutrients remain in the soil, reducing the risk of runoff into waterways or leaching into groundwater.

Lastly, by avoiding animal manure and excessive mineral nitrate fertilization, Florasoul Organic Lawn Fertilizer plays a vital role in mitigating climate change by minimizing the release of harmful gasses. This is an added plus.


  • Utilizes a full spectrum of plant compounds for enhanced effectiveness
  • Adheres to the principles of biocyclic vegan gardening
  • Minimizes nutrient runoff and reduces greenhouse gas emissions


  • Extremely pungent smell

Who is it for?

It is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to ensure their furry friends can freely roam and play in the yard without the worry of harmful chemicals. Additionally, it appeals to those who value sustainable and organic gardening practices and seek a fertilizer that aligns with their eco-friendly principles.

What do I think of the Florasoul Organic Lawn Fertilizer?

Florasoul organic fertilizer ensures that no animal-derived inputs are used and that the cultivation practices promote biodiversity, healthy soil life, and the closure of organic cycles. It aligns perfectly with my values, and I appreciate knowing that my lawn care routine is environmentally responsible.

6. Lawnbox Lawn Luxe 7-0-7 100% Organic Summer Grass Fertilizer – Best for Quick Action

The fact that Lawn Luxe is OMRI listed and does not contain any synthetic chemicals gave me peace of mind knowing that I was making a responsible choice. It’s also worth noting that this fertilizer is safe for use on all grass types, so no matter what type of lawn you have, Lawn Luxe has you covered. So, I thought, why not give it a try! Want to know if this was the best pet friendly lawn fertilizer purchase I did? Keep reading..


Lawnbox Lawn Luxe 7-0-7 fertilizer is good at combating the stress that lawns often face during the summer months. With increased foot traffic, rising temperatures, and potential drought conditions, it’s crucial to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to withstand these challenges. I found that the Lawn Luxe formula effectively delivered the necessary nutrients to keep my lawn looking healthy and resilient throughout the summer.

The inclusion of humic acid is something you won’t find in my fertilizers. This powerful component enhances nutrient uptake and promotes soil health. I noticed that my lawn responded exceptionally well to this fertilizer, with improved nutrient absorption and a healthier overall appearance. The combination of quick and slow-release nitrogen sources ensured an immediate green-up, and the feeding continued for up to six weeks, giving me long-lasting results.

The bag is designed to deliver the perfect amount of product, allowing for optimal coverage of 2,500 square feet. The spreader settings provided on the label were helpful in ensuring an even application. I used a handheld fertilizer spreader and made sure to walk at a steady rate, slightly overlapping each pass. What I appreciated most was that there was no need to water the product in, although doing so can lead to faster results.

Lawnbox Lawn Luxe takes pride in its natural and organic nutrient sources. Unlike other organic fertilizers that may contain animal ingredients or waste materials, Lawn Luxe utilizes top-of-the-line components like soybean meal, sodium nitrate, and potash. This means that your family can enjoy your yard immediately after application, without any worry or delay. I felt confident in allowing my children and pets to freely roam the lawn, knowing that Lawn Luxe is a safe choice for their well-being.


  • Suitable for all kinds of grass including: Bermuda grass, Kentucky bluegrass, etc.
  • The presence of humic acid in the formula enhances nutrient absorption and promotes healthy soil.
  • The combination of quick and slow-release nitrogen sources ensures immediate greening and continuous feeding for up to six weeks.


  • Each bag of Lawn Luxe covers 2,500 square feet, which may not be sufficient for larger lawns, requiring multiple bags for complete coverage.

Who is it for?

The absence of synthetic chemicals makes it a safe option for gardeners who have children and pets at home. Whether you have a small backyard or a larger lawn, Lawn Luxe can be easily applied using various types of fertilizer spreaders, offering convenience and ease of use.

What Do I think of the Lawnbox Lawn Luxe 7-0-7 100% Organic Summer Grass Fertilizer?

Lawn Luxe is completely safe for my family and pets. It’s free from animal ingredients, manure, and biosolids, which gives me peace of mind knowing that my loved ones can enjoy the yard immediately after application. I don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals or waste materials lingering around.

7. Jonathan Green (10250) Organic Lawn Food – Best for Consistent Summer Feeding

Finding the right fertilizer that can keep your lawn happy and healthy throughout the scorching summer months is no easy feat. That’s where Jonathan Green (10250) Organic Lawn Food comes to the rescue, armed with its unique blend of features and benefits. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of lawn care adventures, and this product has certainly earned a special place in my gardening arsenal.


When it comes to summer feeding, I had specific criteria in mind, and Jonathan Green’s Organic Lawn Food ticked all the boxes. The secret lies in its high amount of water insoluble nitrogen, which means it continuously nourishes your lawn for a staggering 6-8 weeks.

Unlike regular fertilizers that provide a quick burst of growth and stress your lawn under the blazing sun, this organic gem takes a more sustainable approach. It feeds your grass steadily, ensuring it thrives even in the face of summer heat.

But it doesn’t stop there. What sets this fertilizer apart is its ingredients. Derived from feather meal, soybean meal, molasses, and wheat middlings, it not only nourishes your grass but also works wonders for the soil.

By feeding the microbes within, it improves soil quality and creates an environment where your grass can truly flourish. It’s like giving your lawn a gourmet meal, and trust me, the results speak for themselves.

The organic composition of the product ensures that it does not contain harmful chemicals or toxins that could potentially harm animals. So whether my four-legged companions enjoy lounging in the yard or occasionally nibbling on the grass, I have peace of mind knowing that they can roam freely without any adverse effects from this lawn food. It’s a win-win situation, allowing me to have a flourishing lawn while prioritizing the safety and well-being of my beloved pets.


  • High amount of water insoluble nitrogen for consistent feeding throughout the summer.
  • Organic composition that promotes soil health and microbial activity.
  • Nourishes the grass, leading to strong growth and a vibrant, lush lawn.
  • Sustainable approach that minimizes stress on the lawn during hot weather.


  • The bag size is 17lbs, which may require additional purchase to achieve the desired N per 1000 sq ft. Make sure to double-check the quantity needed for your lawn size before ordering.

Who is it for?

Jonathan Green (10250) Organic Lawn Food is a godsend for anyone seeking a reliable fertilizer to keep their lawn looking its best during the summer. If you’re tired of seeing your grass struggle under the intense heat, this product is tailor-made for you. It’s ideal for those who value sustainability, as it not only nurtures the grass but also improves the overall health of the soil.

What Do I Think of Jonathan Green (10250) Organic Lawn Food?

My lawn has never looked greener, even during the scorching summer days. The fact that it feeds my grass consistently, without causing unnecessary stress, and keeps my pet safe, is amazing! I appreciate the organic composition, knowing that I’m doing right by both my lawn and the environment.

Buying Guide – Best Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizer

When it comes to choosing the best pet-safe lawn fertilizer, there are several factors to consider. You’ll want to find a product that is effective in promoting a healthy lawn while being safe for your pets to roam on.

Organic and natural ingredients:

Look for lawn fertilizers that are made from organic and natural ingredients. These types of fertilizers are typically free from harmful chemicals and synthetic additives that can be toxic to pets.

Nitrogen content:

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for a lush and green lawn, but excessive amounts can be harmful to pets. Choose a lawn fertilizer with a balanced nitrogen content to ensure healthy grass growth without posing a risk to your pets.

Slow-release formula:

Opt for a slow-release fertilizer that gradually releases nutrients over time. This helps to prevent rapid grass growth and minimizes the risk of nitrogen burn. Slow-release fertilizers are safer for pets because the nutrients are released gradually and are less likely to leach into groundwater.

Non-toxic ingredients:

Check the label for any toxic ingredients that could harm your pets. Avoid fertilizers that contain chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. These substances can be harmful if ingested or if your pets come into contact with them.

Pet-specific labels:

Some lawn fertilizers are specifically labeled as “pet-safe” or “pet-friendly.” Look for these labels as they indicate that the product has undergone testing to ensure it is safe for pets. However, always check the ingredient list and do your own research to be certain.

Application instructions:

Pay attention to the application instructions provided with the fertilizer. Follow the recommended dosage and guidelines to avoid over-application, which can be harmful to both your lawn and your pets. Be sure to keep your pets off the lawn during the application process and until the fertilizer has been properly absorbed or watered in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which fertilizer is safe for dogs?

Safer Brand 9335SR Lawn Restore Natural Lawn Fertilizer is generally considered safe for dogs. It is made from natural ingredients and does not contain any harmful chemicals that could pose a significant risk to dogs. However, as with any product, it’s important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and avoid direct ingestion or excessive exposure.

Is nitrogen bad for dogs?

Nitrogen itself is not necessarily bad for dogs, as it is a naturally occurring element and an essential nutrient for plant growth. However, high concentrations of nitrogen can be problematic if ingested or if a dog comes into direct contact with certain nitrogen-based fertilizers or chemicals. It’s best to avoid exposing your dog to concentrated forms of nitrogen fertilizers and follow the instructions and safety guidelines provided by the specific fertilizer manufacturer.

Is liquid fertilizer safe for dogs?

Liquid fertilizers, once dried, are generally safe for dogs. Most liquid fertilizers are designed to be absorbed by plants and do not pose a significant risk to pets once they have dried. However, it’s important to keep your dog away from the treated area until the fertilizer has fully dried to minimize the risk of direct contact or ingestion. It’s always a good idea to read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of your pets.

How often should I fertilize my lawn if I have pets around?

It’s generally recommended to follow the instructions provided by the fertilizer manufacturer regarding application frequency. However, it’s advisable to limit your pet’s access to the treated areas immediately after applying fertilizer and until it has dried or been watered in, to minimize their exposure. If you have concerns about the safety of specific fertilizers or the impact on your pets, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian for personalized advice.

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