How to Make a Variegated String of Hearts More Pink

Variegated String

I’m bursting with excitement to share my story about the Variegated String of Hearts. As a passionate plant enthusiast, I was overjoyed when it arrived at my doorstep. Unfortunately, once put together, its overall aesthetic wasn’t appealing. If you’re familiar with this feeling then you know what I mean! it was like something was missing! You guessed it right, I didn’t find the color striking.

In desperate pursuit of something new and exciting, I delved deep into Google’s world and stumbled upon a breathtakingly beautiful PINK Variegated string of hearts! My heart raced as I set my eyes on it. I wanted my plant to look like that! It was then that I knew what needed to be done – get my own variegated string of hearts immediately!

After wasting countless days attempting to achieve success with no luck, I suddenly encountered a ray of hope as I came across another passionate plant lover who had accomplished the impossible. They had transformed their Variegated string of hearts into a beautiful pink hue! Fortunately for me, this kind person was more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

Following her advice, I was thrilled to transform my green string of heart into a gorgeous pink beauty that would make any plant lover swoon. Now, I’m here to share the joy and spread the secret of how to make a Variegated string of hearts more pink with you- after all, every plant deserves its chance at flamboyance!

Steps to Make Your Variegated String of Hearts More Pink

Ceropegia Woodii Variegated

1. The right amount of sunlight and water

Are you ready to unlock the hidden potential of your Variegated string of hearts? All it requires is a combination of smart and hard work. For starters, give your plant plenty of sunlight—at least four hours each day. When watering, follow this rule: once or twice per week in hot weather; twice weekly when it’s cooler outside. It won’t take long before you’ll start noticing its remarkable transformation into pink!

2. Introduce epsom salt

But if you’re still not seeing that gorgeous pink hue, it’s time to take it up a notch. Introducing Epsom salt: the magical elixir that can transform your Variegated string of hearts into a visual masterpiece! Just mix one tablespoon with a gallon of water and give your beloved plant a good soak once per month. You’ll quickly see those rosy shades emerge like an enticing salsa on a summer night.

3. Food coloring can do the trick

Food coloring? Does it work? It does! Give your plant the dramatic transformation it deserves by adding a few drops of red food coloring to its water once a month! Not only will your eyes thank you for such an aesthetic touch, but so will your plant. It’s like giving them a stunning makeover that won’t go unnoticed – everyone is sure to be talking about it in no time.

With these tips, you’ll turn your boring looking plant into a diva!

Can my Pink Variegated String of Heart Lose Its Color With Time?

Pink Variegated String

Yes, it’s absolutely possible that a pink Variegated string of hearts might experience fading or dulling of its color over time. This could be caused by various conditions, including fluctuating lighting levels, improper watering or poor water quality, pH balance disruptions, and nutrient shortages.

If your pink Variegated string of hearts is losing its color, follow the above-mentioned tips to pinkify it again!

What’s the Difference Between an Original String of Heart and a Variegated String of Heart?

The gorgeous Original String of Heart, or Ceropegia woodii as it’s commonly referred to, fascinates with its thin trailing vines that can reach up to several feet in length. Its slender heart-shaped leaves are a stunning solid green color and offer an ethereal look when cascading from the ceiling or wall.

Unlike the classic Ceropegia woodii, the Variegated string of hearts is graced with leaves flaunting a beautiful spectacle of white, green and sometimes even pink color! The intensity and pattern can vary from plant to plant making each one extraordinary. It’s no surprise that this variegated variety has become such an in-demand houseplant.

To summarize, the main difference between these two plants lies in their visual appearance. The Original String of Heart displays only solid green leaves; whereas, its counterpart – the Variegated string of hearts – produces a glorious array of colors across each leaf.

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