Tree with Pink Leaves: The 8 Best Varieties

Tree with pink leaves

Have you ever wandered through a park or garden and come across a tree with pink leaves? If so, it’s likely that your eyes widened in awe of its lovely sight. 

Trees with pink leaves are incredibly rare, captivating the attention of many nature admirers. The depth of their shades make them stand out against an array of greens, adding a touch of enchantment to any garden. 

So, what could be the cause of such majestic trees having pink leaves? Is it from genetics or environmental factors? Well, some may be due to genetic mutations while others depend on how much sunlight is exposed, temperature or soil pH levels. 

It’s undeniable that trees with pink leaves are an extraordinary sight. They bring a certain charm to any outdoor space, showing us the wonders of nature. 

Therefore let me present below the 10 best Trees With Pink Leaves:

1. Eastern Redbud: A Springtime Delight

Eastern Redbud

This gorgeous native tree of North America is an Eastern Redbud! Its dainty pink flowers in the spring, against the backdrop of early season greenery, make a stunning show. The leaves begin a reddish-purple and eventually turn green as they mature – with trees reaching 10-20 feet tall, it’s a popular landscaping choice. 

There’s more to the Eastern Redbud than its beauty though; it has cultural significance too! The Cherokee Indians used its bark to create medicinal tea for fevers and other tribes used the wood to craft bows and arrows. This tree is also a valuable food source for wildlife, like birds and insects. Beyond astonishing looks, the Eastern Redbud really is something special.

2. Cherry Blossom: A Symbol of Japan

Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom tree is a cherished part of Japanese culture, celebrated each year at the Festival of its exquisite blooms. During springtime its tender petals turn pink, bringing dazzling hues that are simply amazing.

The leaves on this majestic tree are generally green, though some have a tinge of pink. Fall brings with it oranges and yellows, adding further charm to the scene.

This tree carries a symbolic depth in its homeland, standing for the transience of life and the beauty of moments that vanish before us. Hanami is an ancient practice with deep roots as friends and family gather beneath this stunning tree to appreciate its magnificence and savor life’s passing.

3. Crape Myrtle: A Southern Gem

Crape Myrtle

A favorite for hot, humid climates, the Crape Myrtle is a small tree with pink flowers and green leaves that last up to four months. With colors of pink, red, purple and white it’s no surprise that Southern gardeners love and adore them.

Growing from 15-25 feet tall they can make the perfect statement piece in any landscape design. Plus, their bark peels away in strips to reveal a smooth cinnamon-colored layer beneath, which makes them a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts! 

Low maintenance and resilient, Crape Myrtles are the perfect tree for any garden.

4. Dogwood: A Springtime Classic


The Dogwood tree is a delightful view in the springtime with its sweet-smelling pink and white flowers and verdant green leaves. Originally from North America, gardeners favor this adaptable and charming tree. This tree can reach an impressive height of 40 feet, blooming beautiful in Spring and producing lush red berries in Autumn. These berries serve as an important food source for wildlife, while North Americans hold a special place in their hearts for this tree, often seeing it as an emblem of Easter and rebirth.

According to folklore, the very cross on which Jesus was crucified was constructed from Dogwood wood – a testament to its strength and representing sacrifice and redemption.

5. Kwanzan Cherry: A Showstopper in Spring

Kwanzan Cherry

The Kwanzan Cherry tree – a showstopper. A popular choice due to its stunning double-pink flowers, blooming in the spring. And it’s native to Japan; first introduced to the US in 1903. Growing up to 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide, with dark brown and rough bark. Green, oval-shaped leaves which provide a beautiful backdrop to the bright pink blooms. Loved by gardeners and landscapers alike; easy care requirements make it a great choice for planting in rows or clusters, creating an amazing display of color in springtime – what’s not to love? 

6. Beech Tree: A Unique Beauty

Beech Tree

The Beech tree with pink and green leaves is out of this world! A captivating pink shade fading to light green as the summer goes by. Come autumn, the leafy golden-brown display is also mind-blowing!

This tall European and North American native reaches up between 50 to 70 feet with its broad crown providing awesome shade – any landscape would be improved with its presence.

The tree’s bark, smooth and silver-gray adds texture to the look. Its oval leaves with a wavy edge are part of what makes it so special. All in all, the Beech tree is beautifully unique.

7. Japanese Maple: A Colorful Gem

Japanese Maple

The “Tree with Pink and Green Leaves”, also known as the Japanese Maple, is a small ornamental tree that many yearn for due to its remarkable pink and green foliage. Beginning in springtime, the leaves appear with a vibrant pink color which transforms to green as summer progresses. When fall arrives, the leaves take on a gorgeous scarlet hue, elevating its allure.

Grown in Japan, Korea and China, the Japanese Maple is a slow-growing tree that reaches up to twenty feet in height. Its lace-like leaves offer an exquisite contrast with its form.

Its beguiling foliage makes it a favorite among gardeners and landscapers, who often choose it for planting in small gardens and rock gardens, or as a centerpiece in their landscape design.

8. The Smoke Tree: Stunning Shades

Smoke Tree

Adding a gorgeous splash of color to any landscape, the “Tree with Pink Leaves in Fall” or Smoke Tree is native to the eastern U.S., growing up to 15 feet tall. Its round leaves have a waxy texture, making it an ideal specimen tree that’ll create a beautiful focal point, or can be planted in groupings for a stunning autumnal display. Its leaves are a vibrant pink in spring and summer, but turn to a mesmerizing pinkish-red in the fall.

The Smoke Tree is sure to make any landscape design stand out with its unique, spreading form and intriguing texture.


An abundance of different pinks, shapes and sizes are presented when you delve into a world of trees that have pink leaves. Every tree with pink leaves gives off its own beauty with an eye-catching and vivid touch to any type of terrain.

These lush pink-leaved trees serve as a reminder of the astonishment and variety mother nature has to offer. Different hues of pink, from pale blush to dark magenta, are visible with differing leaf shapes and surfaces. Have you chosen one for you?

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