Blossoming Beauty: What to Put Around Palm Trees for a Captivating Landscape

what to put around palm trees

Dare to dream? Let’s go on an intrepid journey through the vibrant lands of botanical wonder. Imagine yourself standing in a tropical paradise where majestic palm trees reach for the sky with their fronds swaying gracefully in the breeze. An amazing sight, right?

Speaking of palms, if you’re wondering what to put around palm trees to add some verve and chic to their beauty, then you’ve come to the right place! Join me in discovering the perfect companions for our tall friends. Together, let’s explore a world of flora that shall wrap its captivating arms around these exquisite trees. 

1. The Fabulous Foliage Trio

What Plants to Put Around Palm Trees: Enigmatic Partnerships Revealed

To create a captivating scene with palm trees, you’ve got to mix together some plants that look real sweet. Let’s take a gander at these six botanical buddies that’ll wrap around the palms and make an eye-popping display of green magic! It’s like Mother Nature playing her own music in your backyard. 

A) The enigmatic elephant ear

elephant ear

The Elephant Ear (Alocasia spp.) is a true oddity! With foliage that looks like the ears of majestic elephants, it stands out in any botanical arrangement. Its wild, painted with shades of green splashes of burgundy, an extra flair to the landscape Positioned around the base of palms, these colossal plants form a vivid mix of colors that flow together with the majesty of the palms. A show like no other! Get ready to be mesmerized.

B) The lustrous lady palm

lady palm

A royal among plants, the Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa) is an outrageous babe. Her dramatic fan-shaped leaves are like a luxurious party outfit ready to strut the catwalk. Plonked over in our palm tree paradise, these botanical bombshells provide the perfect frame for our lush visions and add some mysterious flair to the area. From their tall, slender trunks to their subtly rustling fronds, they create an enchanting atmosphere that’s perfect for a little palm tree fantasy. Get ready to be captivated.

C) The flamboyant ferns


Word on the street is that Ferns (Nephrolepis spp.) are the must-have accessory to finish off your palm tree paradise. From their eye-catching leaf structures to their unique fronds, these luscious greens add a special something to your oasis. Whether you’re seeking an otherworldly touch or just a dash of enchantment, these botanical marvels will bring it to life. So if you want your corner of paradise to feel like fairies could be flitting about, then Ferns are the answer!

D) The radiant hibiscus


Hibiscus is a regal monarch of the flower realm! Its supple petals blossom like a flamenco dancer’s ruffles, bringing a vivacious burst of hues to our oasis of palms. From intense oranges and passionate reds to fine pinks and immaculate whites, Hibiscus provides a spectrum of choices. Strategically positioned around the tall trees, these vivid blooms become the gems of our verdant paradise, magnetizing both flying and terrestrial visitors. 

E) The playful bougainvillea


A riot of popping colors, the Bougainvillea ain’t here to mess around! Showing off its vibrant clusters of paper-like bracts from fuchsia to purple, coral and gold, it’s a real showstopper that livens up our palm tree paradise. From its thorns to its cascading vines, we can almost feel the joy and enchantment of this tropical bloom. Catch a glimpse in the sun and you’ll be dancing too, as the vibrant blooms sway in the breeze. 

F) The fragrant jasmine


Jasmine, a wild temptress that intoxicates with its sickly sweet aroma! Its blooms encircle our palm trees like an enchanting spell, transforming our sanctuary into a magical paradise. These snow-white or pastel pink flowers and vibrant green foliage add a touch of mystery and romance to the landscape. At nightfall, the hypnotic scent of Jasmine pervades the air, luring us to stay a bit longer in nature’s coziness. 

2. Weed Warriors: Vanquishing Unwanted Intruders

What to Put Around Palm Trees so Weeds Don’t Grow: A Battle Strategy You Should Know

Weeds are a nuisance that need to be taken care of! It’s time to take back our garden and show those intruders who’s boss. With a team of three trusty warriors at our side, we can make sure those unwanted visitors stay away for good. Together, let’s form an alliance and strike fear into the hearts of all wisdom-seeking enemies.

A) The sturdy ground cover: Liriope


Beware weeds! We have a formidable opponent ready to fight against your encroachment upon our glorious palm tree paradise: the Liriope (Liriope muscari). This hardy warrior of the garden stands tall with its strappy leaves and delicate spikes of lavender or white flowers, ready to crush any weed that dares to sprout. With its beauty and strength combined, the Liriope shall never fail in protecting our beloved palm trees from the grasp of unwanted intruders. Now, who will dare to challenge this wall of floral defense? 

B) The vigilant mulch: Organic bark

Organic bark

The power of organic bark mulch is my trusty accomplice in the war on weeds! As we spread this protective layer around the base of our palm trees, we create a formidable barrier that inhibits weed growth. The mulch acts as a vigilant guardian, conserving moisture, regulating soil temperature, and thwarting the audacity of those pesky weeds. Moreover, with its rich, earthy aroma and natural aesthetic appeal, it transforms our landscape into a haven of sensory delights.

C) The strategic ally: Landscape fabric

Landscape fabric

To ensure an impenetrable defense against weeds, we call upon the strategic ally known as landscape fabric. This synthetic marvel, when laid beneath the mulch, creates a fortress against weed infiltration. Its tightly woven structure denies weeds the opportunity to break through the surface, leaving our palm trees surrounded by a weed-free sanctuary. And fear not, for this remarkable fabric allows water and nutrients to permeate the soil, ensuring the well-being of our beloved palm tree companions.

What Landscape Material to Put Around Palm Trees

Unleashing the Power of Design and Functionality

As we set off to craft an idyllic environment around our beloved palm trees, one key component must not be overlooked: landscape material! It’s time to traverse the wondrous landscapes of materials and select the ideal pieces to infuse our paradise with style, grace and practicality. Let us begin our journey into the heart of landscaping.

A) Gravel: The graceful bedrock


Gravel, a quirky and stylish landscape material that can add a timeless touch to your beloved palm trees. With its gritty texture and eye-catching shades, you can create an exciting base for your palms that gives excellent drainage for their soil. So go wild! Express yourself with warm earth tones, funky blues, or electrifying contrasts. Let the gravel take over, hugging your palms in an unexpected and unique embrace. Show off your creative flair and watch as it brings your palms to life! 

B) Decorative pebbles: Nature’s jewels


If you’re looking to add a dash of swank to your tropical paradise, why not bedazzle it with some dandy decorative pebbles? From river rocks in alluring hues of beige and gray, to vibrant glass beads and shimmering stones – these little beauties can bring any palm tree getaway to the next level! 

Whether you choose polished pebbles for a subdued look, or iridescent stones for a more eye-catching effect – let these natural gems twinkle and tantalize as they enhance your lush landscape. Get snazzy with pebbles and make that palm tree oasis truly unforgettable.

C) Organic mulch: Nurturing the roots

Organic mulch

In our pursuit of creating an optimal environment for palm trees, we must not overlook the invaluable benefits of organic mulch. Derived from natural materials such as wood chips, bark, or compost, organic mulch serves as a protective layer that helps retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and suppress weed growth. 

By applying a generous layer of mulch around the base of the palm trees, we not only provide a visually pleasing contrast to the vibrant foliage but also establish a nurturing environment for their roots. The mulch acts as a buffer against temperature fluctuations and conserves precious moisture, ensuring the health and vitality of our beloved palm trees.

D) Paving stones: The pathway to elegance

Paving stones

If you envision a more structured and formal setting around your palm trees, paving stones are an ideal landscape material to consider. These solid and enduring stones offer both aesthetic appeal and functional purpose. 

Create a charming pathway leading to your palm tree oasis or design a circular patio area where you can relax and admire the verdant beauty. With a wide range of materials, including natural stone, concrete, or brick, paving stones provide versatility in style and color, allowing you to customize the ambiance of your palm tree haven. Let the pathways meander, the patio invite, and the paving stones exude a sense of refined elegance.


Get creative! It’s your turn to really show off your personal style as you design a unique sanctuary around a palm tree. Let go of all restraints, embrace the foliage, blooms, and landscape materials. You are the master of this masterpiece, so don’t forget to strive for balance and unity – make sure each element fits together for a seamless look. Let your passion for beauty and appreciation of nature’s wonders come alive in this palm tree paradise! Have fun and show off your creativity.

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