Can Angel Plants Grow in Water? Let’s Find Out

Angel Plants

Being a gardener for years, I have devoted much time to finding creative ways of experimenting with plant growth. My current invention was to find the answer to the question – can angel plants grow in water? You may think this is impossible; however, the answer that I found out after trying it myself was YES! To my surprise, these plants flourished when planted and grown in only water.

The wait is over – I know you’re just itching to hear the outcome! After a few weeks of effort and commitment, my angel plant not only stayed alive but also bloomed. Its leaves were radiant as ever and it was flourishing; it’s amazing how something so small can profoundly affect one’s life. Witnessing that tiny beauty blossom in water filled me with immense joy.

How I Grew an Angel Plant in Water

It was surprisingly easy. To start, I searched for a healthy branch of the angel plant with at least one node and placed it in a container of fresh water, making sure its water-level stayed below the node to prevent decay.

To keep your angel plants thriving, be sure to give them a home in an area with high humidity levels. Change out their water every two weeks to prevent any bacterial growth and help ensure these tropical beauties are as strong as possible!

Angel plant watering requirements

Do you know how often to water angel wing plant? Well, it depends on what the temperature is like, along with the humidity levels. 

For instance, in warmer and drier climates, water more often whereas in cooler and moist weathers, keep the frequency low. Personally speaking, I like to water my angel plants on a weekly basis; however the ultimate decision still relies upon environmental factors at hand.

Now, as for how much water do angel plants need, I’d say, keep it just below the node. Also, do note that inconsistent water supply can cause your cutting to dry out, while an excess may lead to rotting.

Lastly, when to water an angel plant and how to water an angel plant needs your focus. Growing an angel vine plant in water requires the water to be crystal clean and the droplets shouldnt linger on the leaves, or it may invite bacteria. 

So you see, growing an angel plant in water is easy. To make your angel plant thrive, just give it a little water, humidity, and light. 


So, I hope the question: Can angel plants grow in water? Won’t be irritating you anymore. Absolutely! Angel plants look just as beautiful when grown in water. All you have to do is make sure the clean is clean and that your angel plant gets an adequate amount of humidity, while also providing consistent hydration. Then, presto – you’ll have one perfectly thriving specimen!

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