Why is my Angel Wing Plant Drooping? Learn the Causes and Treatment

Angel Wing Plant

I had a beautiful angel wing plant that always attracted attention when guests entered my home. It was my pride and joy, but it abruptly became droopy like an unhappy pup one day. Why is my Angel wing plant drooping? I wondered and panicked at the same time!

Although I’m usually quite composed, this time, I was utterly terrified about my plant. It had been with me for months and it had never acted so erratically before! So, like any responsible plant parent would do, I consulted Google in a race against the clock to find answers.

After dedicating numerous hours to my research, I finally uncovered the cause behind my angel wing plant’s drooping. 

No more worries! Today, I’m here to provide you with the reasons and solutions for a drooping angel wing plant so that you don’t experience similar distress like me. So let’s dive into it, shall we?

What Does an Angel Wing Plant Look Like?

Angel Wing Plant Look Like

With its magnificent, brightly-colored heart-shaped leaves in varying shades of green, pink, red and white, the Angel Wing plant is undoubtedly a tropical beauty. When cared for properly this stunning specimen will stand tall with grace; however when stressed from under or over watering you may observe wilting or drooping foliage.

The plant’s leaves are typically thin and papery, sporting a luxurious smooth texture. The edges of the leaves often have a delicate ruffled design giving it an air of sophistication. Then there’s the prominent veins of these leaves that give contrast to the background coloration.

What Does a Drooping Angel Wing Plant Look Like?

Drooping Angel Wing Plant

The telltale signs of a drooping Drooping Angel Wing plant are wilted, soft and limp leaves which may be yellowing or browning. This is likely the result of stress or illness in the plant.

The Causes of an Angel Wing Plant Drooping

I was absolutely delighted when I brought my angel wing plant home and added it to my plant sanctuary. Little did I know, however, that this beautiful yet delicate plant would take me on a thrilling journey!

1. Water woes

The first encounter where I witnessed my Angel wing plant drooping had me in fits . I couldn’t process how the leaves of a plant that stood upright were hanging so low. I thought, maybe it’s thirsty – why not give it some water. But no matter how much I watered it, it just kept drooping more.

I asked a fellow gardener friend about the situation and he told me that I was overwatering my plant. I had no idea that too much love could be haunting! My exotic angel plant was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of water I gave it.

2. Sunburn

I started feeding it 0.8 cups of water every 9 days and finally resolved the watering issue. Everything had been going so well until my beloved angel wings plant began to wilt again. Upon closer examination, I discovered that its leaves were scorched by too much sunlight! It never occurred to me the sun could be what caused those beautiful green leaves of my angel wings plant to droop. Apparently, it was the direct sunlight that was ravaging my Angel plant.

3. Temperature extremes

My plant was already struggling, but my mistake sealed its fate. I left it in a drafty area and soon enough, noticed that the exotic angel plant leaves just kept on wilting. This time, my plant failed to respond due to the temperature fluctuations. I hadn’t realized that a constant climate is integral for it to blossom and prosper.

4. Soil issues

I was on the brink of despair when I noticed that my angel wing plant’s leaves were changing to yellow, and frantically started searching for an answer. Lo and behold, it turned out that my pot was too tiny for this exotic species – roots were bound! That was why it looked so dreadful. It all made sense now: soil problems indeed caused distress in the poor thing!

5. Pest problems

While my drooping plant wasn’t attacked by pests, I did read that an Angel wing plant can droop due to pest problems too. So, if you’re noticing tiny bugs crawling all over your plant, ward them off quickly.

In conclusion, an Angel wings plant leaves drooping can be due to a variety of factors such as water deficiency or even pest infestation. Nonetheless, with the right amount of care and attention you’re able to bring your plant back into health. Be sure to frequently inspect your plant and never hesitate when seeking assistance if needed! After all, an exotic angel wing is absolutely worth it for the effort put in!

How to Treat an Angel Wing Plant That’s Drooping?

Now that you know the causes of an angel wings plant drooping, it’s time to act and bring your exotic angel plant back from the dead. Do not fret, it’s never too late! With a touch of tender loving care, you can get your plant flourishing once again.

1. Watering

By allowing the soil to dry out, you can begin to correct your overwatering of your plant. But don’t go overboard this time! When watering again, make sure that everything is done in moderation and ensure any excess liquid drains from the pot entirely. This should help put a stop to pesky over-hydration problems for good.

Remember, 0.8 cups every 9 days. That’s the right amount!

2. Sunlight

Is your angel wing plant getting too much direct sunlight? If so, find it a shadier spot right away! You can also consider placing a sheer curtain near the windows to filter out some of that harsh light. This will help keep the plant receive the light, but indirectly. And it won’t succumb to sunburn.

3. Temperature

Avoid exposing your plants to extreme temperatures by keeping them clear from drafty windows and air conditioning units. The ideal environment for these beautiful foliage should range between 55-75°F in order to ensure they flourish with optimum growth.

4. Soil

If your plant isn’t thriving, you may need to repot it in a bigger pot with well-draining soil. To ensure that the water won’t build up at the base of the container and damage your plant’s roots, make certain that there are drainage holes present in the pot.

5. Pests

Struggling with pesky insects on your plant? Insecticidal soap or neem oil spray may be the solution you need! Be sure to accurately follow all instructions, and regularly treat your beloved plant as a preventative measure against future infestations.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to reviving your angel plant. Results won’t appear right away, so take the time necessary for your precious green friend to revive itself. Providing extra love and care will help speed up this process and eventually you’ll have an exotic beauty that’s healthier than ever before!


I hope that you now probably have the answer on why is my Angel wing plant drooping. If you’re questioning why your Angel Wing plants are wilting, the answer could be rooted in multiple issues like inadequate watering, nutrient deficiencies, a lack of sunlight exposure, root rot or pests and diseases. 

So it’s essential that you thoroughly inspect your plant to determine the exact cause for its leaf drooping. Once you identify what is causing this issue with your beloved houseplant friend, then taking corrective action becomes easy! Wishing you luck!

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