The Bold Beauty of House Plant with Red and Green Leaves: Top 14 Varieties

house plant with red and green leaves

A houseplant with red and green leaves is a combo that’s just screaming to be seen. When brought together in one captivating package, these bold hues become a natural masterwork – an artistic expression that’ll turn heads and light up any room.

So if you’re looking for the perfect plant pal to grace your home with some vivacious vibes, these 14 beauties should be at the top of your list.

Each one offers up its own unique flair and character – all you have to do is pick a favorite…or two. So get ready to add some dazzling drama with these red and green leafed house plants.

They’ll bring life, energy and style to your space – no matter where you choose to put them.

14 Houseplants With Red and Green Leaves

1. The red anthurium

red anthurium

The Red anthurium is a house plant with red flowers and green leaves. With its vibrant heart-shaped foliage and stunning scarlet flowers, it’s no wonder it’s the perfect pick for housewarming gifts. On top of that, its fiery hues are said to bring good luck too! Not bad for one plant, huh? It almost looks like it’s radiating a sense of hospitality and abundance, making it a great addition to any room. 

So why wait? Get your favorite anthurium now and make your home the envy of all.

2. The red-veined prayer plant

prayer plant

The Red-veined Prayer Plant is an indoor plant with red and green leaves that make it look like it’s been painted by an artist’s brush. At night, the foliage of this houseplant folds inward in a way that’s reminiscent of hands clasped in prayer – making it the perfect reminder to take a moment to be mindful and find some calm in our chaotic lives. A real piece of art!

3. The red-stalked dracaena


The Red-stalked Dracaena is a house plant with red stalk and green leaves that are long, slender, and gracefully arching. It not only looks exquisite but is known for purifying the air in your home – perfect for those looking to breathe easy. Legend has it that having this beauty brings good luck and prosperity.

4. The red-edged bromeliad


The Red-edged bromeliad is an indoor plant with a stunning combo of green and red leaves. Its soft green shade contrasted with the bright red edge makes it stand out in any room. This plant is great for those without a green thumb since it’s able to adapt to many different conditions. Plus, it serves as a symbol of hospitality and friendship – isn’t that sweet? So why not add it to your home and brighten up the place?

5. The red calathea

red calathea

The Red Calathea is a house plant with red veins and green leaves that are almost hypnotic in their beauty. Observe the deep emerald shade with an eye-catching crimson vein, winding through the leaves like an artwork in nature.

A unique feature about this plant is its movement; turning its leaves around to follow the sun. Such behavior is known as ‘prayer plant’ – a reminder to stay true and mindful in every step we take, no matter where life leads us.

6. The red-veined fittonia


The Red-veined fittonia is an indoor houseplant with red and green leaves that don’t mess around. The vivid green of the foliage, contrasted by delicate red veins give it a snazzy appearance.

Fittonias are known for their fussiness when it comes to light and water levels – perfect for those who’re up for a challenge. And they don’t just look good – they are also said to bring some zen vibes with them, making them the perfect addition to any relaxation area or bedroom.

7. The red aglaonema

red aglaonema

The Red Aglaonema is a striking houseplant – its vibrant green base and crisp red edges create a show-stopping look. But it’s not just about beauty with this one, as these plants are known for their purifying powers too! A perfect addition to any home if you’re looking to spruce up air quality and attract some good luck and fortune – can’t go wrong with that! A great choice all around.

8. The red-veined nerve plant

nerve plant

The Red-veined nerve plant is an indoor wonder – its leaves of light green, shimmering with a vibrant red vein, will mesmerize you. Don’t let this delicate beauty fool you though; she’s tougher than she looks and a great choice if you’re looking for a challenge in the gardening department! Plus, they’re said to foster a tranquil atmosphere – perfect for any bedroom or meditation space. 

So if you’re looking for a new companion, go ahead and give the Red-veined nerve plant a try.

9. The red-leaved croton


The Red-leafed croton has these bold and lively leaves that flaunt a stellar combination of green, red, and yellow. Its lush foliage is truly eye-catching and adds a dramatic touch to any room or office. They’re also believed to bring fortune, making them a go-to choice for those wanting luck in their life. Crotons are a fab pick for those who want a bit of flair in their interiors – and some karma to go with it.

10. The red-stemmed Ti plant

Ti plant

The Red-stemmed Ti Plant is an indoor plant with red stem and green leaves that are both elegant and eye-catching. This indoor beauty is capable of adapting to many conditions and is said to bring luck and fortune – making it a popular choice for those hoping for some positive energy! 

Its vibrant coloring ensures it stands out from the other houseplants, and its hardy nature means it can be a great pick even for those without the greatest green thumb. 

11. The red and green polka dot plant

polka dot plant

The Red and Green Polka Dot Plant is a houseplant with green and red leaves that are almost whimsical in their appearance. These lovable plants demand attention due to their sensitivity to light and water, making them perfect for thrill-seekers who enjoy a challenge. They can even bring some zen to your space, whether that be a meditation corner or bedroom. All in all, these leafy friends make for some great décor and vibes.

12. The red and green caladium


The Caladium is an outdoor plant with red and green leaves that are sure to catch the eye! With leaf shapes ranging from oval to pinwheel, it’s easy to customize the look of your outdoor space. Dare to be bold and mix up the color palette with streaks of red, pink and white that’ll look beautiful alongside their deep green foliage.

Tropical and subtropical climates are great for growing Caladiums outdoors, as they love humidity and warmth. On the other hand, if you want to bring them inside, just make sure your home is bright and humid enough – this makes them an ideal choice for any plant lover.

13. The red-stemmed philodendron

rubber plant

Rubber plants are an indoor-friendly way to add a vibrant touch of drama to any room. Flaunting bright red veins on large glossy leaves that can reach up to 12 inches in length, these beauties boast green foliage with hints of red throughout the stems – providing an exciting contrast as it matures. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement or a subtle touch of color, the rubber plant (ficus shiverena) is sure to fit the bill. So go ahead and add a bit of vibrancy to your living space.

Final Thoughts

Adding a houseplant with red and green leaves to your interior or exterior space is like injecting it with a vibrant blast of life and energy. These plants can be companions that add cheerfulness, beauty, and tranquility at the same time. As you observe their growth and development, an exciting sense of curiosity may come about too.

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