Is an Angel Plant Poisonous to Dogs?

Angel Plant

Are Angel wing plants poisonous to dogs? Absolutely!

My furry companion, Meek, is as curious as a pup can be. He adores exploring my garden and sniffing around the plants! One fateful day I discovered him sniffing around my Angel wings plant; horror-struck by what might happen if he ate it, I shouted at him to move him away from its delicate petals.

Fortunately, Meek was safe since he didn’t consume the plant. This entire experience pushed me to ponder: is an Angel plant poisonous to dogs? On that note, I ventured on a mission to find the answer.

You’re probably wondering, “What kind of expert are you for allowing your dog to go near a fatal plant?!” Well yes, I’ve learnt my lesson – I’m now taking all the necessary steps to keep Meek safe. Angel wings plants are quite popular when it comes to aesthetics, which is why it’s so vital for pet owners like us to be aware of their potential dangers it brings to the table.

Let’s learn why Angel wing plants are poisonous to dogs, what happens if they ingest the plant and what to do if your dog gets poisoned?!

Angel Wing Plant and Their Toxicity Towards Dogs 

Angel Plant Poisonous to Dogs

An Angel wing plant is nothing short of a botanical wonder, with foliage that looks like heavenly wings! Its heart-shaped leaves feature an enchanting array of colors – from pristine whites to eye-catching pinks and even vibrant reds – creating the illusion of a celestial rainbow.

If you catch sight of an Angel Wings plant in full bloom, you’ll be mesmerized by its stunning white petals radiating in the sunlight. However, as beautiful as this endangered species is, it still holds harmful properties towards our beloved dogs. Therefore, we should remain cautious when interacting with them!

Why are Angel Wing Plants Poisonous to Dogs?

Angel wing plants, part of the same Araceae family as other potentially harmful plants like pothos and philodendron, contain calcium oxalate crystals that may lead to irritation in your dog’s mouth and throat if ingested. Such an occurrence can result in drooling, vomiting, or even difficulty swallowing.

In more serious cases, the crystals can cause swelling in your dog’s throat that may make it difficult for them to breathe. For this reason, it’s vital to keep these plants away from your furry companion.

What Happens When Dogs Ingest the Angel Wing Plant?

If a dog happens to consume Angel wing plant material, the amount consumed and the pup’s size as well as their sensitivity to toxins will determine any related symptoms. Drooling is one of most signs you’ll notice due to the calcium oxalate crystals in this particular plant. These crystals tend to irritate your doggo’s mouth and thus prompting excessive salivation.

Other symptoms of ingesting an angel wing plant can include vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Serious cases of consuming these plants could lead to anaphylactic shock, which is life-threatening if neglected. The symptoms associated with this are rapid respiration, pale gums, debility, collapse and unconsciousness. Therefore it’s important to seek medical attention immediately in such circumstances!

How to Treat a Dog who has Ingested an Angel Wing Plant? 

To take the appropriate measures, consulting with a veterinarian is first-priority. They may propose inducing vomiting or administering activated charcoal to capture any residual toxins in the digestive tract. In more serious circumstances where necessary, it could necessitate hospitalization and supportive care like intravenous fluids and pain management for your pup.

Storing angel wing plants and other toxic substances away from your pets is essential to avoid any unplanned ingestion. If by chance they do swallow something harmful, it’s imperative that you attend to the situation rapidly in order to maintain their well-being.


Angel Wing plants may look aesthetically pleasing at first sight – but they are quite deadly for dogs. So, it’s your best interest to keep your pooch away from this plant to keep them healthy.

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