The Best Plant Wall Decor Ideas (with Pictures) You Can Go For

Plant wall decor Ideas

Do you want to breathe new life into a dull wall? Grace it up with plants!

Imagine an English Ivy running down like an emerald waterfall, or the attractive String of pearls that look like little droplets of rain on the wall. How about some air plants swinging from geometric hangers as if they’re performing botanical acrobatics?

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to plant wall decor ideas.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the advantages of these plants goes far beyond their aesthetic charm. They are also great for purifying the air we breathe, lifting our moods, and increasing our productivity – all while bringing a bit of wildness into your home! Watching your own green jungle flourish is an amazing feeling that can’t be matched by anything else.

Now, it’s understandable if the idea of creating a plant wall is daunting to you. Not to worry – I’m here to show you everything that my experience has taught me so that even you can become an expert in building your own gorgeous green wall!

So, let’s arm ourselves with the necessary equipment – potting soil and a watering can – and get ready to craft an incredible plant wall decoration!

How to Create a Plant Wall

Plant Wall

Calling all gardeners and botanists, let’s get creative with the construction of some intricate plant walls! I’m here to provide guidance from beginning to end – so let’s begin this exciting journey and discuss some of the best plant wall decor ideas!

Materials needed: Gather your tools, and your strength

To kick off your plant wall adventure, you’ll require some materials and tools. You won’t need to hire a team of professionals since all that is needed are sturdy anchors, a drill, screws and leveler – plus your plants and potting soil! If you’re like me who can get carried away at the gardening store then it’s wise to factor in extra pots as well as planters into your list. And don’t forget about bringing along a watering container for convenience!

Choosing the right location: A wall that can handle the heat

As you move forward, carefully select the optimal spot for your plant wall. Don’t just randomly choose a wall and hope for the best! Consider how much sunlight will hit that area, as well as if it can support the weight of all those plants. A south-facing wall is ideal since it typically receives more light than other walls; however, if space is limited any surface can be used with appropriately sized greenery.

Preparing the wall: Say goodbye to boring walls

It’s time to get the ball rolling! After you’ve selected your ideal wall, it’s important to prepare it for mounting. First and foremost, ensure that all dust and dirt are removed from the surface of the wall. Use a leveler while plotting out where each plant should hang. Once every mark is designated on the wall, use screws with anchors as support so they can remain in place securely – allowing you to create an exquisite green living space!

Plant selection and placement: Let your creativity run wild

Now comes the best part – selecting your plants and setting up a stunning display! To get started, pick out varieties that are tailored to the sun exposure of your wall. Then consider their size, as you don’t want any heavy specimens weighing down on your anchors. Lastly, add visual appeal by arranging them in various patterns until it’s just right!

Maintenance: Keeping your plant wall in tip-top shape

Lastly, you must take proactive measures to ensure that your living wall remains healthy and vibrant. Regularly water your plants and fertilize them when necessary. Trim away any dead or damaged leaves right away, keeping a vigilant eye out for pests or plant diseases so you can catch issues before they get out of hand.

17 Amazing Plant Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Decor Ideas

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of DIY-ing your own plant wall decor ideas – it’s easier and more enjoyable than you think! So, grab those green thumbs and let’s get started creating a beautiful piece that’ll add life to any room.

1. The plant lover’s gallery wall

Plant lover's gallery wall

If you’re a passionate plant person, then showing off your plants is the perfect way to express yourself. Build an artful gallery wall that reflects your love for all things green – from hanging planters and prints to greenery itself! Create a display that will make any botany enthusiast envious of your style.

Tip: Need to hang something but don’t trust your hammering skills? Try using sticky hooks or picture hanging strips.

2. The vertical garden of dreams

Vertical garden wall

Let your botanical dreams come true with the help of vertical gardening! Find yourself an area that receives plenty of sunlight then pick some easy-care plants if you’re feeling relaxed – or maybe even high maintenance ones if you want to challenge yourself. You can use anything from recycled bottles to shoe organizers for building up your planter system.

Tip: If you have difficulty remembering to water your plants, try investing in a self-watering planter. This simple and effective solution will keep your plants satisfied without requiring much effort from you!

3. The boho chic plant hanger

Boho chic plant hanger

Feel like refreshing your decor with a little bohemian flair? Perfect! Create an eye-catching plant hanger that’s as unique as you are. Gather some rope or cord and let your imagination take the lead. If macrame is more of your thing, go for it; Or perhaps you prefer using fabric strips? Whichever style suits you – make sure to show off that special something through a DIY plant hanger!

Tip: Why not have a go at crafting an eye-catching plant hanger from your old t-shirts? Not only will you give them new life, but also boast an alternative and stylish way to show off your plants. Go ahead – try something different!

4. The statement planter that says it all

Classic terracotta pot wall

Give your space a unique touch by using an eye-catching planter that exhibits your admiration for greenery. Whether you choose a classic terracotta pot or craft one from upcycled materials, adding an expansive and secure container to any area will bring depth, color, and interest to the environment.

Tip: Unleash your creativity with planters! From painted pots to upcycled tires, the possibilities for DIY planters are endless. Don’t limit yourself – go wild and create something unique.

5. The living art that makes you smile

Living art wall

Let your creativity combine with the beauty of plants and make something that brings a smile to your face every single time you look at it. Select plants that bring joy into your life, then carefully arrange them in an eye-catching pattern or design – be as creative as you like! Succulents or air plants are great options for creating living art pieces. Put some green back into your home decor by crafting a unique living art piece today!

Tip: If you’re looking for a little advice, remember to not overthink it. You don’t have to be an artist or have any special skills — if your plant arrangement winds up resembling something that a 5-year old could make with their fingers, who cares? Ultimately, all that matters is that the end result makes you happy!

6. Faux plant wall decor

Faux plant wall decor

If you love the look of house plants, but don’t have a knack for gardening, faux plant wall decor is an excellent alternative. With this stylish and easy-to-maintain option, you can bring life to your living space without worrying about constantly watering or caring for real plants.

For an artificial plant wall that looks like the real deal, begin by choosing realistic and effortless-to-clean faux plants. Style them in a natural fashion to fit with your existing decor – ferns, succulents, or even simulated moss are all excellent options!

Tip: When choosing artificial plants, be sure to pick quality items that don’t appear overly shiny or plastic-like.

7. The hanging terrarium

Hanging terrarium

If you are short on space or simply curious about a special way to show off your treasured plants, then why not try out a hanging terrarium with air plants, succulents and ferns? It’s like having an itty bitty garden attached to the wall without all of the fuss that comes with gardening.

Tip: If you’re concerned about your cat knocking it down, consider mounting the terrarium at a higher height or training your kitty to value its beauty.

8. The plant wall mural

Wall mural

Are you searching for a way to give your room a vibrant, green makeover without having to repaint the walls? Plant wall murals featuring ivy, pothos and philodendrons are just what you need! Enjoy the sight of an exotic jungle right in your own home – minus those pesky critters.

Tip: For an extra touch of creativity and whimsy, why not take your mural to the next level with 3D elements? Try adding a small tree branch or miniature squirrel for a unique look.

9. Living room plant wall decor

Living room plant wall

Transform your living room into an inviting and tranquil space by adding a plant wall! Consider using lush larger-leaved plants like monstera, fiddle leaf fig, or bird of paradise to evoke a powerful statement. With the above ideas as inspiration, you can either recreate them in your home or use it as creative motivation for coming up with something unique that reflects your style.

To design an impressive living room plant wall, you can use plants with bright colors. Moreover, mix-and-match planters in various sizes and shapes to create a unique look, or dress it up by including string lights or beautifully woven tapestries.

Tip: For an outstanding living room plant wall, one should not forget to consider the light and humidity demands of their chosen plants—only then will you be able to create a flourishing display.

10. The moss wall art

Moss wall art

For those seeking to live a greener lifestyle, adding moss wall art with cushion moss, sheet moss, or reindeer moss is an excellent way to express your commitment. With this type of wall décor you can bring the beauty and serenity of the forest into your home without worrying about getting lost!

Tip: For an extra creative touch, why not attempt spelling out a word or phrase with your moss?

11. The shadow box planter

Shadow box planter

Don’t settle for that dull, 2-dimensional plant display. Instead, why not create an extraordinary 3D showpiece featuring succulents, cacti or small blooming plants? A shadow box planter is the ideal way to craft a remarkable and captivating presentation of your favorite wall plants!

Tip: Want to create a lush, vibrant mini-jungle? Include ferns, moss and even a miniature toy dinosaur for maximum effect! Who knows – you might just be pleasantly surprised at the results.

12. Climbing plant wall

Climbing plant wall

Add a touch of nature and character to your walls by incorporating climbing plants like pothos, philodendrons or devil’s ivy. Not only do they create an eye-catching look, but they also help improve air quality while reducing stress – making them the perfect addition for any space in your home!

To craft a gorgeous climbing plant wall, first pick a variety of climbers that thrive in the space and amount of light available. Provide support structures like trellises or wire mesh for your plants to climb on. Additionally, you can mix various climbers with other decorations such as planters hanging from the wall or air plants displayed around it – creating an alluring combination!

Tip: If you’re looking to maintain your climbing plants‘ vitality, ensure that they get enough water and fertilizer. Furthermore, don’t forget to prune them regularly for an even more beautiful look!

13. Indoor plant wall

Indoor plant wall

Breathe life into any room with stunning living wall art. Compose your artwork from an array of plants in various colors, shapes and sizes! Philodendrons, Pothos, Spider Plants and Ferns are all excellent options for planting walls. Accentuate your vertical garden further by mixing up planters or adding complementary pieces like hanging baskets or sconces to create a beautiful display that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Tip: Create various zones with plants that have similar light and humidity levels, like one designated for succulents or ferns. This way, you can ensure all of your flora are getting the appropriate care they need to grow and flourish in their respective environment.

14. The herb wall

Herb wall

If you want to create the perfect herb wall, some of your best options include basil, mint, thyme, and parsley. Not only are these herbs easy to cultivate indoors making them a great option for beginners but can also add loads of flavor to all your dishes!

Tip: If you’re concerned your herbs may not be receiving enough natural light, consider adding grow light for extra light and to help them thrive.

15. Air plant wall decor

Air plant wall decor

For a stunning air plant wall, choose from the range of different sizes and shapes available. Popular picks include Tillandsia, Ionantha and Xerographica! Secure them to frames or wire mesh mounted on walls with fishing line or clear adhesive hooks. Or think outside the box – why not mix in other decorations like mirrors and picture frames too? When done right, an air plant wall adds character to any room – bringing it alive with beautiful greenery!

Tip: To keep your air plants thriving, treat them to a weekly misting with water or submerge them in water for half an hour every fortnight.

16. The hanging basket wall

 Hanging basket wall

Give your walls a unique touch with the addition of beautiful hanging baskets. Consider adding trailing vines such as pothos or string of pearls, along with colorful blooms like petunias and fuchsia to enliven any space!

Tip: For a truly enchanting look, try weaving some twinkling fairy lights through your baskets!

17. The terrarium shelf

Terrarium shelf

A terrarium shelf is the perfect way to introduce some lush greenery into your home, and ferns, mosses, Echeveria or Haworthia succulents are ideal plants for this type of environment. Not only do they thrive in enclosed areas but also add a touch of beauty to any decor.

Tip: Thinking outside the box? Arrange your terrariums to tell a captivating story like a miniature garden of mythical creatures or an exotic jungle from Tarzan!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you decorate walls with plants?

Make any wall your personal botanical paradise by exploring the multitude of possibilities for decorating with plants! Hang planters from the ceiling, mount window boxes or shelves on the wall, lean potted plants against it, grow vines up a trellis, and create an entire vertical garden – these are just some of many ways to transform bland walls into lush gardens.

How do you decorate a living room wall with plants?

A unique way to spruce up your living room is by suspending planters from the ceiling. Not only will this create an eye-catching visual, but it’ll also bring some lush greenery and texture into the space. Moreover, you can instantly add beauty with window boxes or shelves filled with potted plants or indoor vines!

What do you put on a plant wall?

Looking for a unique décor idea? Plant walls can be customized to create an eye-catching and personalized piece of art. With the many options available, from petite succulents to lush foliage, you have endless choices in designing your green wall masterpiece. Adding ivy and other decorative elements will bring even more life and vibrancy!

How do you decorate an empty wall plant?

If you wish to leave a lasting impression, why not install a vertical garden? In addition to that, don’t overlook the importance of lighting! Adding adequate lighting can truly liven up your wall. You may opt for string lights, spotlight fixtures or even eye-catching pendants as statement pieces.

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